Locky questions his sexuality around Dave Genat… and real flames


All the girls are swooning over Dave Genat on Australian Survivor, even the biggest and strongest castaway Locky admittedly has a bit of a man-crush on the Aussie model.

David Genat, allegedly 39, is a professional male model when he’s not playing Australian Survivor, but despite being sweaty, unkempt, and scruffy from days of not showering, people can’t but help drool around him.

Did you know?MAFS Tash Herz is considering transition to male.

Things literally got hot yesterday as David Genat, with the help of his tribe, became the first Australian Survivor to create fire without flint. But that wasn’t the only flame of the night (we’re looking at you Locky!).

“Not going to lie, Dave does something to me,” Locky, the 2 meter tall giant, said raid after clean-pressing one of the girls over his head like she weighed nothing, “there’s just something about the way that he’s wearing that scarf.”

Dave Genat was taking breather trying to achieve the near impossible; create fire with two sticks and no flint (something that has never been done before on Survivor Australia). AK doubted him but was proven wrong later that night when Dave became the first Aussie to create fire without flint on the show.

sexiest male Australian Survivor

Locky: Dave Genat is hot with that scarf.

“Dave, I have to admit, I have a bit of mancrush on you. You look hot with that scarf,” Locky called out to a blushing Dave.

There’s no denying that Dave is one sexy beast and it is very understandable that even some of the guys find him attractive… at least Locky is man enough to admit that he has a bit of a man-crush on him.

Are you like Locky and have a bit of a crush on Dave Genat, the professional male model? Let us know in the comments below.

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