MAFS Ivan Sarakula might be too embarrassed to admit that he’s a virgin

People are beginning to suspect that real estate agent Ivan Sarakula is a virgin and is lying about to protect his ego on Married at First Sight.

On last night’s explosive episode of Married at First Sight the couples met for yet another dinner date and the main topic of conversation was Ivan and Aleks love life and it ended in flames.

Aleks Markovic stormed out even before dinner was served stating that she had, had enough of the lies and got to see another side of Ivan that repulsed her.

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Up until the very end of the episode Ivan was praised for the way he handled the drama. Clearly heart broken, the 30 year old real estate agent from New South Wales was coming to terms with the fact that his relationship with Aleks was coming to end.

Aleks told Ivan that there was no physical attraction and that she was doubtful there would every be a romantic connection between the two of them. “I love him like a friend,” Aleks told the other newly weds at the dinner date clarifying that she does not see him as a soul mate.

Married at First Sight couple Ivan Sarakula and Aleks Markovik

MAFS Ivan Sarakula & Aleks Markovic: Is he too embarrassed to admit that he’s a virgin.

Later in the evening Michael alleged that Aleks had admitted to being ‘intimate’ with Ivan before, but she vehemently denied it telling the rest of the guests that intimacy meant something completely different to her.

Through all of this Ivan seemingly remained a gentleman defending his wife’s honour, but than Josh came with a shocking revelation; Ivan had told Josh that the two of them had consummated the marriage.

Josh, sick of being the middle of the drama, signaled to Ivan and said, “come on, mate, clear my name.” Ivan’s face turned bright red and he refused to answer his question. Aleks got up called Michael and Ivan liars and then stormed out.

Up until now everybody thought that Ivan was just being a gentleman, but after allegations came forward about him instigating the incident by encouraging Michael and Josh to talk about it, Ivan looked the fool and a liar.

Either Ivan is a virgin or Aleks wants her parents to think she still is

The Twitter verse went wild and Ivan’s integrity and, uhm, virginity were questioned.

Many people on Twitter believed that Ivan was a virgin before he went on the show, and was too embarrassed and intimidated by Josh and therefor lied about having sex with Aleks.

MAFS  Aleks confronfts Ivan Sarakula. Too embarrassed to admit that he's a virgin?

MAFS Aleks confronfts Ivan Sarakula. Too embarrassed to admit that he’s a virgin?

In the homestead episode Ivan is even caught asking Aleks when she’d be ready to take the relationship to the next level, suggesting that the couple had not been there yet.

Also, the real smoking gun is that Ivan called Josh a liar to Aleks’s face by saying that he never told him that he was intimate with her. The fact that Ivan didn’t flat out deny saying those things in front of Josh makes it seem as he did.

What do you think? Is Ivan Sarakula the ultimate MAFS gentleman or is he just a virgin who is lying to Aleks Markovic about it to protect his ego? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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