POLL: Should Hannah Brown have sent Luke P. home?

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Luke P. is the most disliked suitor on Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette. His competitors hate him and apparently so do the fans. But why?

Hannah Brown (Alabama Hannah) had a lot of handsome suitors to choose from at the start of the season, but as the season finale draws nearer, the remaining suitors become fewer. But, one of this season’s most controversial cast members is still on the show despite not even receiving a rose on his last 1 on 1 date.

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Luke P. is a 24 year old import/export manager from Gainesville, Georgia. Hannah gave him the first impression rose and then a few days later he took to the stage in topless fashion to confess that he is falling in love with her. The rest of the guys felt he was being disingenuous and it obviously rubbed them the wrong way. After this they all started to single him out as public enemy number one.

Hannah's beautiful smile |  Sausage Roll
Hanna B. so pretty.

Luke P. football scuffle

However, the real drama kicked off during a game of football. Although the cameras did not capture the moment, Luke S. alleges that Luke P. body slammed him and then kneed him in the face. Luke P. did own up to the body slamming excusing his actions as self defense when he later told the rest of the guys that Luke S. came charging at him. As for the kneeing in the head, Luke P. asserts that it wasn’t intentional and happened when he tried to step over Luke S. Regardless, the spat between the two of them resulted in Luke S. leaving the show on his own accord.

A psychopath?

Ever since that day the entire house has shown Luke P. no mercy. Mike, 31 year old portfolio manager from San Antonio, Texas, went as far as to calling him a psychopath implying that Luke P. is cold, calculated and dangerous.

Luke P. has tried to make amends for his failures but it seems to be too little, too late for the fans and Hannah’s potential fiances. His apologies – no matter how sincere – fell on deaf ears, and even though he has tried to avoid drama it always seems to be thrust on him by the other guys.

Mike talks to Hanna B. The Bachelorette | Sausage Roll
Mike nervously talks to Hannah B.

This had lead fans to conjure up some interesting theories about Luke P. According to some, producers are keeping him around for the ratings. The fans are fed up with him, and want him gone because his drama is overshadowing the other suitors time on the show.

The drama has definitely taken the lime light, and Luke P. has been getting the most screen time as of late. That has made us kind of forget about the other suitor.

But is Luke P. only around for the ratings or is Hannah absolutely smitten by him? Maybe that’s the reason why he can do no wrong in her eyes. I think Hannah Brown made it obvious that she really likes him and the rest of the suitors know this and can’t handle it. And for that exact reason, Luke S. decided to pack his bags and leave.

Whatever the reason, Hannah Brown is keeping him around and the rest of the suitors hate it. It is obviously bothering the rest of the guys, but the real question is… does it bother you?

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