Princess Bean Cosplay from Disenchantment, best and worst


Bean, Elfo and Luci returned to Netflix last Friday in part 2 of Disenchantment and to celebrate we’ve picked the best and worst Bean cosplayers.

Cosplay is a form of art that takes great skill to master. Not only does one need to interpret animation into live action by creating a believable real life version of an animated character, but they also need to have the skills to tailor costumes that don’t seem tacky.

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Disenchantment is a satirical fantasy sitcom created by the creative mind behind The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening. Set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, the series follows the story of Bean (Princess Tiabeanie), a rebellious and alcoholic princess, her adoring elf companion Elfo, and her mischievous “personal demon” Luci.

Beanie is quickly becoming one of our favourite fantasy characters, so to celebrate the release of part 2 of Disenchantment on Netflix we’ve picked out 6 great and not-so-great Beanie cosplay pictures.

Disclaimer: The last three pictures are not the worst pictures we found, but rather weak attempts from otherwise great cosplayers. We just expected a little more from them. Also, if the Instagram embeds don’t load, please read this article at our actual website.

Veronika Kukresh, @nika_enot

@nika_enot - Princess Bean cosplay

Nika seems to have captured Bean’s facial expression perfectly. The make-up is also on point with the freckles and the typical red-cheeked drunkard look. And although there isn’t much to Beanie’s outfit, it still looks like she put in some effort. If you take a look at some of her other cosplay costumes, it is clear this girl knows what she’s doing. My only real criticism is the fake buckteeth, it wasn’t really necessary.

Madison Murrah, @aletheia_cosplay

@aletheia_cosplay - Princess Bean cosplay
Madison in adorable Princess Bean cosplay.

We acknowledge that Veronika’s cosplay is better in terms of costume and professionalism behind the shoot, but sometimes the simplest form of cosplay can be the best type, especially when you are considering the character. Princess Bean, after all, although a princess is a simple, down to Earth, and totally not modest every day girl. Madison didn’t feel the need to use artificial buckteeth, instead she just grins a little to show the character’s quirkiness and it totally works.

Mariia, @melamori.cosplay

@melamori.cosplay - Princess Bean cosplay
Mariia in Princess Bean cosplay

It’s almost like Maria isn’t even cosplaying. The pictures of her as Princess Bean seem so natural. The freckles seem natural, the outfit would definitely not feel out of place in public, the hair looks real… and the best thing about it, she embraces her perfect imperfections to really capture the character. Maria is a gorgeous girl and what makes her stand out is that her two front teeth or ever-so-slightly bucked, just like Beanie’s. We recommend heading over to her Instagram to check out her Mercy cosplay, it’s great! Or, you can check out her Lady Melamori Instagram for raunchier pictures.

Musana, @masunacosplay

Musana in Ashe cosplay.

Yeah… nah! This is a pretty terrible Bean cosplay. What’s surprising is Musana is actually pretty talented cosplay artist. It’s almost like she didn’t even try. The costume just looks like a catholic school girl uniform, the wig looks cheap, those freckles look like measles, and last but not least she painting the buck teeth on to her lower lip. This is just bad.

Mel Cosplay, @melfiax.cosart

Mel in Princess Bean cosplay.

Here’s another example of the cosplay being ruined my comically large buckteeth. The cheap costume doesn’t really help her cause either. The fabric seems to be one upgrade from 2 ply toilet paper; so thin, see-through and wrinkled. Judging by Mel’s other cosplay pictures, she knows her craft… so what the heck went wrong? Perhaps this was more of a costume party outfit rather than an actual cosplay piece.

Orcbolg’s wife, @princess.millefy

Uninspired Princess Bean cosplay.

Sure, she’s really pretty but minimal effort was put into making this real cosplay. Wearing a Disenchantment t-shirt, holding up a bottle of alcohol while wearing a white wig is barely even trying. Taking a look at other cosplay pictures I did find one where she wears a blue shirt, but she still could have done a lot more with it. She seems to be a little obsessed with elves and Ahegao (as made famous by Belle Delphine), but she still has a knack for great cosplay.

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