Ricky Gervais Netflix show After Life is helping people cope with loss


After Life is a down-to-earth emotional comedy about dealing with the loss of a loved one, and it is helping a lot of people cope.

On Twitter today Ricky Gervais sneakily teased the upcoming season of his show After Life by showing the script for the first episode.

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The British comedian today revealed that he had completed the script for the first episode of the third season of the Netflix Original Series After Life, and fans are thrilled.

After Life season 2 only just premiered on Netflix on April 24th and since then Ricky Gervais has had time to write up the script for the third, and presumably, final season.

Although the second season arguably had less comedy in it than the first, it was received critical praise for its “generosity, big, emotional beats and salty laughs” and is currently sitting comfortable at 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In season two, Tony is not as nasty and depressed as he used to be. He’s kinder, healthier, and happier, but at times the harsh reality of his wife’s death creeps in. It’s the story of a man trying to allow himself to move on and find love again… and I think we’ll finally see him truly happy and in love in the third season of After Life.

Ricky tweeted a picture of himself holding up the first draft to the first episode of After Life season 3 with a short and simple message, “cheers.”

Fans were thrilled to see that the third series had officially begun production and some even stating that the show is truly helping them deal with loss.

After Life season 3 coming soon

Ricky Gervais Netflix show After Life (season 3 coming soon) is helping people cope with loss.

“I’m sure you’ve heard this from so many people that it can get old, but this show has help me deal with loss in a way that no amount of therapy could have ever relieved. I don’t watch this one with the boys at the fire station, but it’s great to let the tears flow,” one user wrote.

Filming for the upcoming season will probably commence later this year and premiere on Netflix by July, 2021.

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