Ryan Gallagher is right, MAFS contestant did try to commit suicide


Former Married at First Sight contestant and I’m A Celeb guest, Ryan Gallagher, revealed the dark psychological impact the show can have and the dire consequences it may lead to.

In an interview with Stav, Abby and Matt on Hit105 on Wednesday, the former Married at First Sight star, Ryan Gallagher, talked about the worrying psychological scars the show may leave its contestants with.

Did you knowMAFS Jessika Power almost broke her back doing squats at the gym.

“They really push people to the limit, something bad is going to happen,” the host of Hit105 speculated in an interview with Ryan Gallagher.

Ryan Gallagher admitted that he was invited back to MAFS for a second shot at love but ultimately turned it down knowing how the show can absolutely destroy someone.

“Eventually something will happen and someone will go to far and harm themselves or even worse, it’s happened somewhere else, unfortunately,” Gallagher responded.


Ryan Gallagher MAFS star now I’m A Celeb.

He’s not wrong, either. A former MAFS contestant tried to commit suicide after their negative portrayal on the show and an onslaught of hurtful comments after the fact.

In an Interview with Daily Mail Clare Verrall admitted that she attempted suicide after her season of MAFS.

Clare Verall attempted suicide after MAFS

“After we stopped filming, I was in bed for about a month so I was just full of anxiety. As soon as I went outside there were panic attacks, stuff like that. It was unfortunate,” Clare revealed.

“Then, after it aired, I had a total meltdown and basically stayed in bed for a month.”

Clare Verall MAFS

Clare Verall attempted suicide after MAFS.

Clare claims it was the she couldn’t cope with the fame she garnered after the show aired and that’s what pushed her over the edge.

If you are thinking about suicide or experiencing a personal crisis help is available. No one needs to face their problems alone.
Call Lifeline: 13 11 14

“People would come up and want a selfie and I’d smile and then I’d go around the corner and have a panic attack in the supermarket. It was awful. So I’d just stop leaving the house altogether.”

However, it was social media post made by another reality TV star that made her cave. The post called her out for her behaviour in relation to the show and it led to immense cyber bulling from other fans.

She allegedly pleaded for the post be taken down but the person refused to, so Clare attempted suicide that same night.

Fortunately, she messaged a friend who immediately contacted her parents and she was saved. Her parents had to spent A$26, 000 on therapy.

MAFS certainly is controversial, there’s plenty of drama to keep people entertained, but has the show taken it too far? Someone uses another contestants toothbrush to clean a dirty toilet this season!

Married at First Sight returns to Channel 9 Monday, February 3rd.

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