Sharn is one of the worst castaways on Survivor All Stars


Sharn may talk a big game but she hasn’t made any moves or decisions based on her own will. She’s being played by David ‘Iron Man’ Genat.

I hate to say it but a lot of the returning contestants on Channel 10’s Australian Survivor do not deserve the title ‘All Star’. This is one of the most predictable seasons in the history of Survivor, and Sharn’s play last night just proved that.

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Shonee was absolutely right when she said, “Sharn is playing it safe and boring.” Every chance she gets she boasts about playing ‘her game’ when the truth is she’s playing David Genat’s game.

Last night Sharn talked up a huge game claiming that she was ready and willing to vote out the most dangerous castaway, Dave Genat, after he failed to secure the immunity necklace. But David knew that she was iffy and pulled her a side to flash his immunity idol in an attempt to win her over.

“He was trying to intimidate me by showing me the idol. He wants me to think he’s going to play tonight, but he won’t. Dave is going home tonight,” the criminal barrister told viewers.

Then… she does a complete 180… but nobody was suprised.

David Genat is going to win Survivor All Stars thanks to Sharn

Sharn, sitting high and mighty on her throne, is truly blinded by her own game play that she thinks that she can beat David Genat in the end. “Dave Genat is my shield and I want him sitting next to me at the final two,” she explained at the end of the episode. She doesn’t stand a chance.

Until tonight David has not had his name written down. He keeps winning immunity challenges, and had two immunity idols in his pocket. He meticulously explains his plans to the viewers and almost every episode the chips fall exactly where he wants them.

Sharn from Australian Survivor All Stars

Sharn is boring everyone on Australian Survivor All Stars.

Last night was the only chance they had to get rid off him, but despite knowing he has an idol — and him not playing it — Sharn decided to save him.

David Genat has played one of the best games of Survivor I have ever seen, and if it wasn’t for him and the underdogs (Shonee, Brooke, AK, and Harry) this season would have been a total waste of time.

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