The Bachelor star Locky Gilbert forced to apologise for Aussie Pride meme


The Bachelor and Australian Survivor star Locky Gilbert has been forced to apologise for an Aussie Pride meme he posted 14 years ago.

Locky Gilbert, now 30-years-old, has been forced to apologise for a MySpace post he made when he was 16-years-old.

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Some people are just perpetually angry and jealous and have enough time on their hands to dig up dirt on somebody to use as fuel in their cancel culture campaign. The Bachelor Australia and Australian Survivor star, Locky Gilbert, is the latest victim.

Locky’s apology

In 2006 Gilbert posted an edgy meme on the now, mostly dead, social media platform known as MySpace. The meme shows a picture of Australia with the words “F*CK OFF WERE [sic] FULL” written in in the middle of it and “AUSSIE PRIDE” as bottom text.

Aussie Pride meme

Locky forced to apologise 14-year-old Aussie meme he posted when he was 16.

Angry progressives claimed that his post was him showing solidarity for right-wing extremist groups and white nationalists.

However, the meme was a simply parody of the an Australian tourism ad that aired the very same year that had the slogan “Australia, so where the bloody hell are ya?”

Gilbert claimed that he was “deeply sorry” in a statement to the Daily Mail and explained he wasn’t being political when he posted it the meme.

Locky Gilbert kissing on The Bachelor Australia

Former Australian Survivor contestant turned The Bachelor Australia star.

“I am deeply sorry for the image I posted on MySpace over 14 years ago. I do not hold these views and I apologise for the offence I have caused,” Gilbert said.

Locky Gilbert has since deactivated his old MySpace account.

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