This Australian Survivor scene would’ve been censored for nudity in USA


The challenges in Survivor can get a bit wild sometimes, and that can lead to accidental mooning. Aussie’s have a good sense of humour about it, and don’t censor.

When you spend about 40 days on a deserted island with no change of clothes or actual sense of privacy you might kind of give up on trying not to let your private bits get exposed, especially during challenges that could potential win you half a million.

Did you know?

Australian and American castaways don’t let a bit of embarrassing nudity come between them and the title of Sole Survivor and the bunch of cash that comes with it. “So what if I accidentally moon half of Australia, when you are out playing Survivor you have no choice but to let go of all your inhibitions,” a former Aussie Survivor told us. “Your mind is set on one thing… winning… you don’t care that you’re on national TV.”

Survivors have often been dacked by their competitors on Survivor but the nudity is censored for broadcast. It’s usually accidental and happens during an intense rewards or immunity challenge, but sometimes the survivor undresses themselves to get an advantage.

Phoebe Timmins gets twerked on by Abbey Holmes on Australian Survivor (uncensored).

Phoebe Timmins gets twerked on by Abbey Holmes on Australian Survivor (uncensored).

Just this week Locky took off his own shorts making it harder for his opponent to grab on to him and pull him under (no pun intended).

Even Abbey Holmes, professional AFL player, to get a bit cheeky in the challenge and twerked on Phoebe Timmins’ face while she had her pinned. It was all in good fun, though, even Phoebe’s herself had a bit of a laugh, “I have Abbey’s butt in my face, it’s all I can see.”

Abbey twerks in Phoebe’s face on Australian Survivor

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This clip of Abbey Holmes twerking on Phoebe Timmins would definitely be censored on Survivor USA, and maybe even create a bit of drama. I guess Aussie’s are just bit more liberal when it comes to nudity and casual swears on TV and that’s why Australian Survivor is uncensored for the most part.

You can catch watch the full episode on the Network 10 streaming app 10play.

Do you think USA censorship is too much or is Aussie just way too liberal with this kind of stuff? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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