WaPo: Cancel all cop shows and movies except Brooklyn Nine-Nine


The far-leftist blog, Washington Post, published an article about how “All Cops Are Bad” and that we should not glorify them by airing shows or movies based on them.

Alyssa Rosenberg thinks all cops are bad and that they don’t deserve to have TV shows or movies made about them, and demands networks to stop airing any cop related entertainment immediately.

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When your a self professed ‘news press’ and write an opinion piece so idiotic that it becomes the actual news it might be time to close look at your employees, and maybe not hire writers from the now bankrupt web tabloid Salon. They went bankrupt for a reason.

Alysa Rosenberg is one of those writers who, at her core, believes that she’s doing the world some good by demanding that networks immediately stop airing shows and movies about cops because “it’s racist.”

Alyssa was very outspoken about the Stay At Home And Save Lives movement and would ridicule conservative protesters who dared protest their rights to reopen their businesses. However, her tune has quickly changed as she’s now an adamant supporter of the Black Lives Matter protests, even after it has turned into a nationwide riot.

In her article entitled “Shut down all police movies and shows now” Alyssa confesses that she’d love to ‘uproot’ all films and television shows about police offers but admits that might be a little bit hard to do.

Washington Post (WaPo): Cancel all cop shows and movies except Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“But simply cancelling cop shows and movies would be easier than uprooting the assumptions at the heart of the problem,” she writes.

Unfortunately for Rosenberg one of her all-time favourite TV shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is about cops; fortunately that movie gets a pass because it is progressive enough.

Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washing Post (WaPo) writes: “The closest thing to a reformist police show right now is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ a sitcom that alternates explorations of the policies and identity politics of the New York Police Department with fantastic gags and one-liners.”

What do you think of WaPo’s hot take on police television shows and movies? Should they be outright canned like Alyssa demands? Let us know in the comments below.

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