Will Survivor South Africa be enough to tie us over until next Aussie season


Network 10 are filming for the next season of Australian Survivor but until then they hope that the South African version will keep us happy until then.

This nasty bug has ruined a lot of our favourite reality TV shows. Network 10 promised us two whole seasons of Australian Survivor in 2020, but sadly the later season was cancelled. Finally the show is back in production as the new season is being filmed in Australia right now, but will Survivor South Africa keep us entertained until then?

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Survivor South Africa seasoned 8 premiered exclusively on Network 10’s VOD app 10play tonight. The South African “variant” of Survivor has had a very successful run since it premiered all the way back in 2006. However, according to most Survivor aficionados Australian Survivor is revered as one of the best versions outside of the USA version hosted by Jeff Probst.

What about Survivor South Africa? Nico Panagio holds his own against other Survivor hosts such as Jeff Probst and Australia’s Jonathan LaPaglia. Panagio is as sexy as his name makes him out to be and this 47-year-old hunk is a South African national treasure.

Survivor in South Africa

Nicolaos Panagiotopoulos, professionally known as Nico Panagio, is a South African actor, businessman and presenter known for his previous role on the soap opera 7de Laan and as a presenter on Top Billing. He co-owns the company Trade Revolution Ltd., and is chairman of the non-profit organisation Missing Children SA.

Sadly, no matter how amazing Panagio is as a host, he can only carry the show so far. So, how are the cast of the Survivor South Africa season 8 Immunity Island? Well, they’re definitely a unique bunch. You’d definitely never imagine these bunch getting together outside of Survivor and meeting up for a beer. We’ve got a lawyer, yoga instructor, guest house owner, and a happy-go-lucky 26-year-old marketing manager, Nicole Wilmans.

Renier Louwrens

However, the two most peculiar castaways is 40-year-old online business owner who has been called a “adult child” and a geeky scrawny little fellow who doesn’t look like he’d survivor a night on the island called Renier Louwrens who, honestly, seems like he’s going to try a bit hard on the gameplay side.

Honestly, the season premiere of Survivor South Africa Immunity Island was exciting enough, but it is still missing some of the magic and energy like the classic USA version and Survivor Australia. It wasn’t as exciting but, then again, it is only the first episode.

Survivor South Africa will have to suffice for now, but it is definitely helping with my withdrawals. Australian’s can stream Immunity Island straight onto their television sets from the 10Play app. Episode one is streaming right now!

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