Sia paid for everyone’s shopping at Walmart in Palm Springs, USA


The Aussie queen of pop showed the meaning of Thanksgiving when she paid for people’s groceries at a Walmart in Palm Springs, USA.

The 43-year-old superstar was doing a little bit of shopping ahead of Thanksgiving and was om a very charitable mood. She paid for everyone’s groceries… and a whole lot more. People were blown away.

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Not everybody recognised her, which is understandable since the queen of pop doesn’t show her face in her music videos. She usually hides her visage with huge bows, wigs, and all sorts of headgear. Sometimes she faces away from the audience when performing live, and lets dancers Ziegler represent her instead.

Sia paid for everyone’s everything at Walmart, Palm Springs.

“Some really nice woman bought all my things for as as well as other costumers and then I hugged her,” Dom wrote on Twitter. She didn’t realise it was Sia immediately but had a sneaking suspicion, “OMG, did I just hug Sia?!”

Sia in Palm Springs.

It wasn’t just groceries that Sia paid for, she paid for people’s laptops, gaming consoles, iPads and all kinds of electronics.

Sia in Christmas mood! Pays for everyone ahead of Sia Thanksgiving!

With black Friday kicking off this weekend and Christmas just around the corner a lot of people are going to be finding themselves out of pocket. I’m sure Sia’s charitable giving would have helped relieve some of that financial stress. The lucky shoppers that were at Palm Springs this morning will probably agree that it completely made their holidays. Heck, I’d be over the moon just being able to hug her!

Well, it’s time to get festive and put on the Sia Christmas album! To our American readers, happy Sia Thanksgiving!

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