Gotcha hat: Jake Paul has minor injuries after stealing Mayweather’s hat


“Gotcha hat!” Jake Paul got assaulted by Floyd Mayweather and two of his guards after he nabbed his hat in Logan Paul fight promotion.

Jake Paul is in the headlines again, and this time for getting his butt (unfairly) kicked by Floyd Mayweather during a promotion for his big brother’s upcoming fight. Despite getting beaten by three men, Jake Paul only has minor injuries.

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After knocking out Ben Askren out in just one minute at the Thriller fight night event last month, Jake Paul is ready to get back into the ring. Now he has his sight set on former welterweight champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, even though the champion has already agreed to fight his older brother.

Although Floyd Mayweather, 44, has retired he still holds the record for most world titles held simultaneously (5; WBC, WBA, WBO Welterweight Titles and WBA, WBC Super Welterweight Titles) and shares the record for most world titles won with Evander Holyfield.

Jake Paul minor injuries after being punched by Floyd Mayweather

Today Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he also is willing to get into the ring with Jake Paul for a boxing match, announcing “let’s make it happen — get the paper word for this bum!” As the two of them stood in close proximity and were literally face-to-face, Mayweather through some insults at before Paul took his had and shouted “gotcha hat!”

Moments before Jake Paul announced to his fans that he was going to steal Mayweather’s for hat on TikTok.

Two of Mayweather’s guards proceeded to punch Jake Paul in the face before he eventually escaped. But then he was held against the wall and punched by Floyd Mayweather himself.

Jake Paul ended up escaping with Mayweather’s hat and only suffered minor brutal injuries including chipped tooth and a blackeye; pretty impressive considering he was punched by three large black men, including one former welterweight boxing cha,pion

Was the Paul and Mayweather scuffle staged?

Immediately after the Mayweather and Paul altercation went viral “gotcha hat” merch popped up on Paul’s online merchandise store, leading many to believe that this scuffle was staged. However, Jake Paul’s injuries are very real.

It’s not likely that the altercation was staged but rather a prank gone wrong. Mayweather absolutely detests Jake Paul, he took the side of one of his accusers and insinuated that Jake was a child predator even though the accuser was of age.

Mayweather has also posted some hateful and racist things about Jake Paul and has called him out on his relationship with the 45th President of the USA. Additionally, the injuries that Jake Paul suffered through the altercation are pretty real.

If the altercation between Jake and Floyd is real then this could result in a legal battle which will most likely end up in Paul’s favour.

“If they [Mayweather’s team] want to press charges over Mayweather’s hat, it’s petty theft that will be resolved in small claims court. On the other hand, these ‘bodyguards’ physically restrained and assaulted someone. They are liable to get sued, lose their ability to be paid bodyguards, and face jailtime,” an observer tweeted in response to the footage.

Gotcha tat!

Shortly after the altercation Jake Paul posted a video on Instagram where he’s enjoying a sandwhich in the lobby of the Miami stadium and getting “gotcha hat” tattooed on his right leg.

A post shared by Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

Paul doesn’t seem to be too rattled in the video but appears to be concealing his blackeye with large box framed Gucci shaded. Many of his detractors are saying that he got his butt kicked and that they even heard him crying.

“I saw u crying today,” some random commented on the video. That comment now has over 11,000 likes.

The extended video shows Jake Paul’s voice crack after being brutally beaten by three large black men, but he does not actually cry in the video that is now public.

The fight between the older brother Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather is still scheduled for June 6th, 2020, on Showtime PPV (Pay-per View) although it was original supposed to happen in February.

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