Jake Paul fight was a rip-off, fans think AnEsonGib threw fight


The unanimously declared lesser of the Paul brothers, Jake, fought AnEsonGib in Miami and fans want refunds, think it was thrown.

Jake Paul may be one of the world’s most hated YouTubers, but he trained well ahead of the fight against AnEsonGib. The fight didn’t last one round, and many people are outraged. Can we get a Jake Paul fight refund?

Did you know?

Many people spent hours trying to find a way to watch the pay-per-view stream for free and after giving up actually decided to fork in for the fight, but by the time they paid the fight was over; it barely lasted one round.

AnEsonGib, YouTuber and vlogger with only 2.1 million subscribers, was obviously under prepared for the fight. He appeared to be in terrible form as he had barely trained for the the Jake Paul fight.

Did AnEsonGib throw the fight?

Not training? Not taking it seriously? It appears as though AnEsonGib entered the fight anticipating his own loss. Why? Your guess is as good at ours, but perhaps the 2.1 mill subbed YouTuber was just in it for the quick cash grab and wanted the fight to be over as soon as possible… maybe he even bet against himself?

Did AnEnsonGIb throw Jake Paul fight?

Jake Paul fight rip-off; refund if AnEsonGib threw fight.

Much respect to the younger Paul Brother, however, for treating the fight with dignity and respect. He trained rigorously with his older brother who is no newbie in the ring.

Logan Paul had previously challenged and defeated popular YouTuber KSI in the ring after six rounds. The fight resulted in a split decision victory for KSI, with two judges scoring the bout 57–54 and 56–55 in favour of KSI, and a third scoring it 56–55 in favour of Paul.

Jake Paul v AnEsonGib fight was a flop

Although the fight between Logan Paul and KSI broke records and made bank on YouTube, this fight did not. Attendance was poor, and the views were not quite on par with the previous YouTuber v YouTuber fight. This could have been because of the Super Bowl was that same week, or so Forbes contributer, Brian Mazique, believes.

AnEsonGib threw fight

Jake Paul fight rip-off?: AnEsonGib threw fight, did not take it seriously..

Did Jake Paul prove himself in the ring? Did AnEsonGib throw the fight? Do you want a refund? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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