Michael Zerafa gets knocked out twice by QLDer Jeff Horn

Michael Zerafa may have been a fan favourite with the girls in tonight’s boxing match up, but he got the crap punched out of him twice by the Queensland born, Jeffrey Horn.

The tiniest, dodgiest, dive bars in the most rural areas of Queensland were packed door-to-door tonight with Queenslanders supporting their boxing hero, Jeff Horn.

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We surveyed 10 bars around the outer Brisbane area in Queensland to find out who was the true fan favourite; Michael Zerafa or Jeff Horn. We expected the the results to be in mostly in the favour of Horn, but nearly every single girl surveyed said Zerafa. Well, it’s no big secret that Michael Zerafa is a sexy beast and, debatably, more attractive than his opponent, Jeffrey Horn.

Couples were torn and arguments were had over tonight’s fight.

He knocked him out, darl!

Michael Zerafa v Jeff Horn

A pair from Springfield ended their night in frustration and fury as the woman tossed, what appeared to be a Jack and cola, over her partner as he celebrated when Horn was crowned tonight’s victor. Fortunately, they both laughed it off and he bought her another drink to celebrate Horn’s amazing victory.

People were on their edge of their seats for the first few rounds as it wasn’t looking to good for Horn. Sexy boy, Michael Zerafa, got some good punches in there, and with every connected hit you could hear a physical reaction from the audience as if they were the ones copping the blows.

But Jeff Horn turned the game around towards the later half of the game knocking Zerafa down on his ass twice within the matter of minutes.

Sources tell us that the referees wanted to call the game off because of the severity of the blow and how gassed Zerafa looked when he hit the ground.

The impact of Horn’s fists hitting Zerafa’s face looked like a head shot from a sniper rifle in slow motion.

Michael Zerafa gets knocked out in slow-mo

Michael Zerafa knocked out.

When the punch was replayed Zerafa’s wife looked terrified and concerned for her husband. She was left in tears fearing for her husbands well being.

In the end, Queenslander, Jeff Horn took the victory, and deservedly so.

Who were you cheering on during last night’s match? Let us know in the comments below!

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