Official NBA store bans “Free Hong Kong” jerseys but allows “Kill Cops”


The official NBA store has banned “Free Hong Kong” custom shirts but allow highly offensive text like “Burn Jews” and “Kill Cops” and not a single athlete has condemned it.

The National Basketball League (NBA) is pretty huge in China, so CCP backed (and arguably owned) corporations are some of their biggest sponsors. The NBA are afraid to anger their corporate communist overlords and are actively acting as a propaganda machine for the Communist Party.

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While professional basketball players have no reservations calling out Donald J. Trump for imaginary racism, transphobia, and other forms of unproven bigotry, they bite their tongues when it comes to addressing the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China is largely known for being one of the most racist and totalitarian countries in the entire world. Still today you will find Christians and Muslims being unlawfully arrested, detained, and sometimes even sent to “re-education camps“.

List of NBA jerseys that are acceptable include "Sneaky Jews," and "Cancel Israel."

List of NBA jerseys that are acceptable include “Sneaky Jews,” and “Cancel Israel.”

Black Chinese citizens were locked and barricaded in their own homes and blamed for the outbreak of the deadly Asian sensation that’s sweeping this planet.

Even international fast food conglomerates like McDonald’s allowed racist discrimination against African-Chinese people when they banned them from entering their restaurants in China. McDonald’s have not yet address, let alone acknowledged, the inhumane treatment of black people in China — however — they wave the Black Lives Matter flag proudly while simultaneously blaming all white Americans for their evils in the freest country in the world.

Now China’s totalitarian government is annexing the sovereign nation of Hong Kong; innocent people are being jailed and even killed and not a single corporation is willing to condemn China for the blatant and gross violation of human rights… especially the NBA.

China owns the NBA. Entering "FreeHongKong" as custom NBA jersey text yields error.

China owns the NBA. Entering “FreeHongKong” as custom NBA jersey text yields error.

People who wore “Free Hong Kong” shirts to NBA matches in the U.S.A were immediately kicked out and permanently banned. Even LeBron James had to retract his Tweet and make a formal apology for showing support for the Honk Kong protests. “I was misinformed and not really educated on the situation,” the 35-year-old professional said.

The NBA have taken things one step further by banning “Free Hong Kong” or any variation of the message from being printed on their custom jerseys. However, highly offensive like “Kill Police,” “Burn Jews,” and “F*ck Hong Kong” are all acceptable.


Offensive shirts like “F*ckPolice,” and “F*ckHongKong,” are fine custom texts for NBA jerseys.

If you attempt to order a shirt with a pro Honk Kong message on the official NBA store you will see a prompt saying, “we are unable to customise this item with the text you have entered.”

The National Basketball Association has not yet made a comment regarding the censorship of the Hong Kong protests and most likely won’t.

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