Strip clubs are losing girls to Twitch TV


Australian strip clubs are losing a lot money post-pandemic because girls/dancers are making more streaming on Twitch TV.

Former Australian stripper reveals why she quit dancing in strip clubs and is now a fulltime Twitch streamer and is earning a whole lot more money now.

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Crystal, 22-year-old former dancer at The Cabaret Nightclub in the Fortitude Valley, opened up about her experience stripping for money and how Twitch ultimately changed her life for ever.

“The pandemic really changed my life, and surprisingly for the better,” Crystal revealed during an interview.

“I worked about 6-9 nights a month at The Cabaret and was quite happy with what I was earning each night. I also worked part-time as a Barista at Starbucks during this time and I was living quite comfortable,” Crystal explained.

The Cabaret Club, Fortitude Valley

Continuing, “But when the Queensland Government imposed new lockdown restrictions it had a major impact on my earnings. A lot of people got laid off at Starbucks but I was one of the lucky few keep getting good shifts.”

Even though Crystal was making enough to keep afloat even without her dancing money, she had to make dramatic changes to her lifestyle because she couldn’t afford the luxuries she once could.

“I easily lost at least AUD$3000 a month during lockdown. I had to make sacrifices in my spending habits just so I could pay my rent and my bills. I was kind of happy to be out of the adult entertainment scene, but I was just too used to earning a lot of money,” she said, reflecting on her life choices.

Crystal said that she felt like she was gambling her health, safety and wellbeing while working at The Cabaret Nightclub in the Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Australia. “I never felt safe,” Crystal said recounting her experience with some intoxicated patrons. She’s now relieved that she doesn’t have to return their, ever again, because she has found a new “guaranteed” source of income on the popular video game streaming platform Twitch TV.

Twitch pole dancing strippers

“My friend told me how much she earns being partnered on Twitch TV, and it was a lot more than I ever did dancing,” she said. “She encouraged me to create an account and start streaming and I haven’t looked back since.”

She now earns a lot more money and she doesn’t have to worry about drunk men groping her… she doesn’t even need to take of her clothes.

“It took me a little over a month to get partnered by Twitch, I know even have my very own manager who works for Twitch. I feel safe and don’t feel like I’m exploiting myself and gambling my own safety for cash. I’m safe at home and earning more money than ever,” Crystal gloated.

Twitch girl with shirt

According to Crystal she earns anywhere between from USD$500-1500 per night on Twitch by “just wearing a swimsuit, dancing and lounging around in a hot tub.”

However, it’s not all “sunshine and rainbows” Crystal says. Although she doesn’t have to take off her clothes any more, she still feels a bit dirty and a bit guilty for what she does.

“I’m not going to lie, it is great but it is not all sunshine and rainbows. I try not to think about it too much but I know that a large percentage of my audience are kids and young teenagers. At times I get this overwhelming sensation of guilt, kind of like the tables have turned, and now I’m the one doing the exploiting,” Crystal openly revealed.

“I’m sure it is not just me. I bet all the big Just Chatting streamers feel the same way, they just don’t want to confront it. I just get by convincing myself that Twitch TV know better, and if they don’t have issues with it then everything is fine,” she concluded.

Crystal isn’t the only stripper/dancer that has left the nightclub scene for Twitch TV. Her friend was also a former stripper who found greener pastures at Twitch. Also, strip clubs are reporting major losses after lockdown because they are struggling to find good talents. It appears that majority of girls who know they can make money dancing, would prefer to be Twitch streamers.

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