The cutest Alita fan art pictures we found online, so far…


Alita served as a mused to these talented creative intellectuals. See how these artists capture her adorableness in their amazing art work.

Fans love to celebrate the masterpiece that is Alita: Battle Angel. Some like to cosplay as the beautiful Battle Angel while others express their creative abilities and bring the beloved girlbot to life with the power of their imaginations and penmanship.

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Artists all around the world have honoured the Fallen Angel with their own amazing artistic adaptations of the cyberpunk princess. Some are uber-realistic renders, while others capture her light-hearted softness with cartoon sketches.

I sat with my colleagues at Sausage Roll over the course of many hours browsing Reddit and Facebook trying to find the cutest — most adorable — Alita fan art pictures… and this is what we decided on!

I would like to apologise in advance for my extremely cringey and terrible puns. But, without further ado, here are our top 5 cutest Alita fan art pictures.

Alita likes alota chocolate

Artist: MaraWeinke aka Jisary
Cute Alita eats chocolate.

DeviantArt user MaraWeinke, who signs her work as Jisary, has a defined eye for art. Each one of her drawings has a unique flair and packs so much character. As can clearly be seen in this litle Alita fan art she did.

MaraWeinke captured the adorable moment that Alita first tasted chocolate and became hooked. It’s so darn adorable. Go give the artist some love!

Teenage Alita

Artist: Rui Lee
Fallen Angel is still cute: Alita Battle Angel

This next one comes from Chinese freelance concept artist, Rui Li. Their entire artwork portfolio is insane… and this teenage Alita 3D render just is next level. Actually, wait a bleeding minute… is this shaded by hand?! I think so. I’m blown away!

This is the perfect balance between James Cameron’s Battle Angel and the classic Gally from Gunnm. You owe yourself a treat, go check out their profile!

Battle Angel Bubble Bath

Artist: Omar Dogan
Even a Fallen Angel needs a bubble bath.

“A girlbot just gotta feel clean, nomsayin? Alita taking a little chemical bath with only the finest engine cleaner , because she’s worth it,” writes Omar Dogan the super talented Tumblr artist.

Sense of humour and creativity go hand-in-hand. It’s truly amazing what a little imagination can do to a drawing or even a cosplay costume. Make sure you go and give Omar Dogan some love and maybe even buy some of their fancy artwork!

Orange you sad it’s not chocolate?

Artist: BonBonBelle
Oranges don’t taste like chocolate πŸ™

BonBonBelle posted this amazingly cute Alita fan art on Reddit and I was shocked to found out they are newbies! No website, no nothing. They sometimes post their art on Facebook and share it on Reddit, but that’s it.

This drawing captures the sweet moment when Alita first gets a mouth full of sour. It’s not chocolate, but this picture is just as sweet. Go find BonBonBelle and give them some much deserved love!

Battle READY Angel

Artist: Helio Clark
Alita the Battle Ready Battle Angel

Don’t let those big innocent eyes fool you, Alita is battle ready and she’ll kick your butt! Helio Clark is the master of the arts, as we can clearly see here. This drawing has a Pixar-esque quality to it; I think it is because of how life-like she seems even though she’s a toon!

As a bonus Helio Clark did a speed painting video for his fans, and I’m honoured to share it with you below. See the master at work!

Helio only has 6.3k subscribers on YouTube, make sure you go check out his video, give him a big thumbs up and sub to him!

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