The Joker dance scene looks like a meth head tweaking out


The Joker dance scene is cool, but lets be honest; if it wasn’t Joaquin Phoenix you’d probably just think its some drug addict tweaking out.

Todd Phillip’s Joker film was supposed to be the most shocking film of the year, so much in fact that the mainstream media created a gun violence scare around the film. However, all things considered it was pretty tame, although it was a fair bit darker than previous versions.

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Conspiracies and other nonsense aside, one thing the new Joker film did prove is that not just anyone can or should play the joker, and now that Joaquin Phoenix has had his turn the stakes have been raised.

The scene where Joker danced down the The Bronx stairs to the Misfits track Rock and Roll Part II is but one of the proofs the film provides. Hundreds and thousands of people are flocking to the location to get their picture taken at the staircase now made famous by Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker… some are even trying to recreate the infamous Joker dance scene and the results are mixed.

Joker Dance = Drugs Are Bad.

If you aren’t a somewhat attractive girl or Joaquin Phoenix himself you are just going to look like a meth addict tweaking his way done a set of stairs. It takes amazing skills and a touch of genius to make this dance look as awesome as it does and of course Joaquin Phoenix managed to do it.

I’m no expert but I could definitely imagine professionals looking at Phoenix’s dance moves and thinking, “that’s not how you dance!” But Phoenix has this special quality to him — it might just be his confidence — which lets him get away with doing weird stuff. Heck, the man even managed to fool the entirety of Hollywood into thinking he had gone crazy. People really thought he had lost his mind and was giving up acting to focus on a career in hiphop. If you haven’t seen it already, watch I’m Still Here (2010) directed by Casey Afleck; it’s a must see mockumentary.

Joker Dance. Drugs, Sex & Rock and Roll Part II
Joker Dance Drugs, Sex & Rock and Roll Part II

What are your thoughts on the Joker dance? Cool? Tacky? Let us know in the comments below.

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