Today Blizzard released a new World of Warcraft (WoW) cinematic for ‘Safe Haven’ from the ‘The Rise of Azshara’ series — which is set in the Battle for Azeroth expansion — and it is making people emotional.

The cinematic is called ‘Safe Haven’ and is a part of ‘The Rise of Azshara’ series. In the cinematic Varok Saurfang realises that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.

Man, this cinematic really evoked some strong emotions from me. I mean, as a loyal Forsaken, you can’t help but feel deeply saddened and angered upon watching two good, loyal Forsaken rogues get killed by these traitors. Though those rogues were obviously not…. the cream of the crop. I mean, a 2v2 match and they used their stealth to try to rush in and go straight into dps rather than creep up and sap one while they 2v1’d the other? Sylvanas is obviously not sending her 2400 rated rogues.

writes Torvald of the Thunder Billies

Others seem to share Torvald’s sentiments but feel the blame lies solely on Sylvana…

@Torvald: Thrall allowed the forsaken to join the horde, giving them not only protection but also a higher purpose, after the humans turned against them. Sylvanas sent assassins to kill Thrall regardless of Saurfang’s presence! Having others secretly killing those that are Noble and Superior to her, those she is too afraid to face be herself. Sylvanas is a coward and only seeks to enslave. She is no better than a HUMAN, treacherous and power hungry. Sylvanas does not deserve to be in the Horde!

writes Kranok of Myth and Legend

While others are just left in awe of this powerful and emotionally wrenching cinematic…

“You were followed.”

“I followed them.”


writes Tymberlia of Felheart

The World of Warcraft cinematic series has been well-received by both fans and non-players alike with ‘Safe Haven’ now trending on YouTube in 8th place with 2 million views and 77 thousand likes. ‘Safe Haven’ alone has garnered enough praise that fans are begging for a full feature length cinematic!