This is why Call of Duty League will be better than Overwatch


Activision Blizzard announced that Call of Duty League will commence in early 2020. And from what we’ve seen, it will be bigger and better than OWL.

Activision Blizzard Esports today officially revealed the details for the new Call of Duty League. It is scheduled to begin home-vs-away 5-versus-5 professional match play in early 2020 with 12 professional teams competing for the title in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Florida, London, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Paris, Seattle, and Toronto.

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Each team in the Call of Duty League will host two ‘home series’ weekend events in their respective markets in 2020; one in a Spring split and a second in a Summer split. Multiple pro teams will compete at each home series event, giving fans a wide range of must-see competition throughout the weekend. In between the Spring and Summer splits, the League will host a special Midseason Weekend event where all 12 teams will be featured in special all-pro tournaments and more.

The professional regular season competition will feature best-of-five-matches series played in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Playstation 4. Pro teams with the best win-loss records will advance to the postseason, where they will compete in a double elimination Playoffs until the season champion is crowned. Playoff berths will include 2 wild card slots, and both the Playoffs and Championship matches will take place at the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend in Summer 2020.

How to get scouted for Call of Duty league
How to get scouted for Call of Duty League

Why is Call of Duty League better than Overwatch League?

One of the things that is lacking in Overwatch League is the connection to casual and competitive non-professional players who want a shot at eSport glory. Call of Duty League will foster the growth and development of these players with Call of Duty Challengers; its amateur path to pro competition system. Call of Duty Challengers will include online ladders, online tournaments, and open tournament event competitions throughout the year beginning in November 2019, with a dedicated prize pool of over $1 million. Several pro teams will also support amateur player pipeline development by hosting Call of Duty Challengers competitions in their markets.

How to get scouted for Call of Duty League

Even though you may not be a pro, you can still contribute to your teams success. Fans will also be able to compete on behalf of their cities, in a new, casual competition system called the Call of Duty League City Circuit. In the City Circuit, fans can compete on behalf of their pro team cities through online or LAN (local area network) tournaments held exclusively by the 12 Call of Duty League teams. This fan-focused competitive circuit – set to launch later in 2020 – will feature a duos-based format in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare mode “Gunfight.” Call of Duty League City Circuit carries its own prize pool and will culminate in a finals event at the Championship Weekend.

Modern Warfare praised as best game in the series

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare open beta was a tremendous success as millions of people around the world got to compete against each other regardless of their platform. The game was praised for its refined shooting mechanics and new game modes with many already declaring it the best in the series.

There’s no doubt that Call of Duty League is going to a huge hit among both professional and casual players especially considering how accessible it is going to be for aspiring eAthletes who dream of playing for their favourite teams. Although Overwatch offers a path to pro through their Contenders program, it is still relatively hard to qualify because of the hoops you have to hop through. The City Circuit is the perfect response to that; players can sign up online and compete from the luxury of their own homes.

In the end Call of Duty League appreciates the people who make it a possibility; the fans. It also creates innovative ways for them to become more involved with their favourite teams while simultaneously offering them an easier path to chase their dreams, all while in the public’s eye. And the beautiful thing is we get to watch their journey from City Circuit to Challengers and all the way to Call of Duty League stardom.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on 25th of October worldwide. Don’t miss out and make sure you pre-order your copy to get some awesome bonuses.

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