Top 3 cutest pets in popular videogames


Having a companion by your side while your quest in your favourite games is great. That’s why we picked top 3 cutest pets from Diablo III, MHW, FFXIV, WoW and Pokemon!

It may be our love of real world animals and pets or something else unexplainable, but there always seems to be great joy when you find out that one of your favourite games offers you some special form of pet or minion to follow you around and generally just look adorable while doing it. Whether purely cosmetic or more useful, collecting in game pets to display in a room or follow you can often cause even the most hard-core gamer to have an “Aawh!” moment or the denied squeal on occasion.


Denial or not, collecting these pets, can sometimes vary from a select few to easily in the hundreds; and choosing which of these will come to the forefront, can often feel overwhelming. Stats and skills aside, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top 3 cutest pets from some popular games, that are accessible for all players.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.)

After saving Sanctuary in the Campaign mode as the mighty player character, known as the Nephalem, you can now start exploring the game further in Adventure Mode. It is in this mode where a special variant of the Treasure Goblin appears, namely the Menagerist Goblin, Napper of Pets. Hunting this sneaky creature down will, guaranteed, drop you a pet, who will in turn, follow you around and helpfully collect all close-proximity dropped gold for you. Helpful as these pets may be, some appear definitely more menacing than others, but who would we recommend as some of the cutest?


Diablo III pet - Buddy | Sausage Roll

First, there is the scuffling Buddy, with a description describing it as “A hound. Of sorts…”, and that is quite accurate considering Buddy doesn’t quite look like the typical dog. Regardless, Buddy will scurry as quickly as possible after you with accompanying noises of scruffs and snorts in an attempt to keep up.

The Bumble

Diablo III pet - The Bumble | Sausage Roll

Second, we have The Bumble. A larger pet but still quite small considering he is a Yeti which is still shorter than you. Known to “follow wherever you go”. The Brumble’s hulking waddle, fluffy white fur and big blue eyes are sure to get an “Aawh” even out of the tough Nephalem in between fights.

Ms. Madeleine

Diablo III pet - Ms. Madeleine | Sausage Roll

Third, is Ms. Madeleine, a poor discarded voodoo doll with a rather sad beginning. Created from “a plot involving hatred, revenge, and murder”, this adorably plush stuffed doll is still considered “a happy-go-luck gal”, even with her one button eye. She will definitely win over some cuteness points as you see her flopping around after you.

Fantasy Life (Level-5 Inc.)

Created for the Nintendo 3DS, Fantasy Life presents its role-playing life simulation (much like the Animal Crossing games) in a vast majority of twelve classes, all of which are accessible to your player character throughout the Campaign. Whether a master-of-one or jack-of-all-trades, earning enough Bliss points eventually allows you to unlock a perk where you can have up to three pets. Although you can decide if you’d rather have your pets in your room or accompanying you in battle, you can only choose three in total, as previously mentioned. Excluding the purchasable DLC Origin Island, which include birds and dragons as pets, the base game offers a choice between nine dogs and nine cats in total. Being cats and dogs, all can actually win the cuteness contest for us, but who did we pick as our top 3 cutest pets?

White husky from Castele

Fantasy Life: White Husky Pet | Sausage Roll

In the first area, Castele, the Plushling Pet Vendor offers you a choice between three cats and three dogs, but it was the snow-white husky-looking dog that caught our attention here. Looking super fluffy and elegant at the same time it’s a rare combination of adorable as this white good doggo follows you everywhere.

Toy French poodle from Port Puetro

Fantasy Life: Toy French Poodle pet | Sausage Roll

The second area you reach is Port Puerto, and if you’ve ever thought a Toy French Poodle is just the cutest there is, then look no further. Here you can find a similar looking pup that doubles as follower and a cotton candy ball, as there is a pink one up for grabs! However, don’t let the cuteness fool you, this cotton candy ball is just as fierce in battle as any of the other pets available.

Creamball cat from Port Puetro

Fantasy Life: Creamball cat pet | Sausage Roll

This second area is also where our cutest cat comes in, as Port Puerto has our most fluffy friends here. Choosing between them, however, wasn’t so easy. Eventually though, we settled on the creamball cat with the small purple button nose and paws. Let’s not forget the golden ribbon around this winner’s neck, as this cat is equally fitting in both your house and in combat.

Final Fantasy XIV (Square Enix Co., Ltd.)

Released in September of 2010, Final Fantasy XIV is the second massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from the much beloved Final Fantasy franchise. Still active today, Final Fantasy XIV has had quite the couple of years to bring to you a large number of pets, here known as minions. But, to keep things simple and accessible to all players, we decided to narrow down the list to minions that are available for all players, through purchase by vendors using the in-game currency knows as FFXIV Gil. This currency can be earned by any player and these top 3 sweetie-pie minions can all be owned by you, veteran player or new alike. Here are our top 3 cutest pets from FFXIV.

Baby Raptor

FFXIV pets: Baby Raptor | Sausage Roll

Baby Raptor is probably one of the cutest variants of a Raptor to ever exist. With its stripy body, long neck, googly eyes, and adorable pink hose of a nose, it’s hard not to fall in love with this baby. But probably the cutest feature the Baby Raptor, must be its lack of arms accompanied only by large hind legs and teensy pink wings. With these almost the same size as its pink ears, it’s hard to imagine this raptor taking flight; regardless, it’ll follow you around while flapping its wings in an attempt.

Wayward Hatchling

FFXIV pets: Wayward Hatchling | Sausage Roll

Next up is the Wayward Hatchling, which is a baby Chocobo. Chocobos being one of the favourite species in the Final Fantasy franchise. Being described as recognising the first thing they see as their parent, the Wayward Hatchling has a very close bond with you, as its owner. Half still in its eggshell, this sweetie-pie yellow baby hops into our hearts just like it does while following you around.

Gundu & Zundu

FFXIV pets: Gundu & Zundu | Sausage Roll

Lastly, we decided on both the Wind-up Gundu and Zundu Warriors, as the only visual difference is Gundu is blue and Zundu is pink. Both further looking like blown up balloons with tiny feet, arms and a beak sticking out. They may only be animated dolls, but they definitely resemble the type of plush pillow that a lot of us would snuggle with at home.

Monster Hunter: World (Capcom Co., Ltd.)

As a monster hunter, you would think you’d be too busy either hunting or preparing for a hunt in the vast New World Capcom presented its players within their biggest entry into the Monster Hunter franchise yet. However, this latest entry, to hunters delight, presented an amazing living and breathing ‘New World’, where monsters not only interact with one another, but also has what is known as Endemic Life. This variety of creatures can be either caught with a Capture Net or a Fishing Rod and like a Pokemon, your hunter can “catch ’em all” and add them to your Monster Field Guide in your Hunter’s Notes. Catching all of these even rewards the player with the “Wild, Wild, Wildlife” guild card background. So, where does the choice part actually come in? Well, your hunter can choose between three rooms, each which allows a specific amount of Endemic Life to be displayed in, roaming, flying or swimming around. And our top 3 cutest picks? Well, look no further.


MHW pets: Blissbill | Sausage Roll

Described as having “perfectly round eyes and heart-shaped faces”, it’s hard not to fall for the pink and blue owl-like bird known as the Blissbill. They brighten up any room easily, not just by their colours, but their adorable faces. They might be a bit tricky to catch in the wild, as they’ll fly away when approached, but they’re definitely worth the run to add as an addition to your hunter’s room.

Downy Crake

MHW pets: Downy Crake | Sausage Roll

Next up, is probably the two most difficult to catch Endemic Life pets, as they are the most rare, not just to actually find, but even to catch. The fleet-footed Bristly and Downy Crake flightless birds are incredibly fast with their long twig-like legs, but over-all they look like adorable lollipops. Teamed with those twig-like legs is the roundest little body; the Bristly Crake being darker and the Downy Crake being white. Who wouldn’t want a flightless lollipop looking bird in their room?

Shepherd Hare

MHW pets: Pilot Hare | Sausage Roll

Finally, we have one of the first Endemic Life we encounter in the New World, the Shepherd Hare and its rarer version, the Pilot Hare. Looking like a mixture between a ferret and elongated rabbit, this cutie curls up in a little ball and runs towards you for snacks and rubs in your room. The difference between the two is once again only their colour, as the Shepherd Hare is brown, while the Pilot Hare is pink. Just seeing those curious long ears perking up made us decide that it would be a perfect edition to our hunter’s room.

Pokémon (Game Freak Inc.)

Speaking of top 3 cutest pets, how can we forget Pokémon? As a beloved franchise, first released in 1996, not only is it one of the most popular games ever made, but Pokémon has grown into its own brand covering a wide range of media, including the latest film, Pokémon Detective Pikachu. Probably the most useful form of an in-game pet is the Pokémon that you collect along the way, as it is the main form of combat in the main franchise of games. Although most players attempt to “catch ’em all” – you can only have a team of six Pokémon with you at any given time for combat. But it was the rare addition in some of the games, that actually allowed a single Pokémon to follow behind your player character from your team. This made for some of the best Pokémon following you around, ranging from the most intimidating to the cuddliest there can be.


Pikachu 3D | Sausage Roll

Naturally, the first on our list is the face of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu. Also, the first Pokémon that was able to follow you around in this fashion with Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition. This yellow electric-type Pokémon sprung into our hearts as quick as a lightning bolt, with its adorable look and high pitched “Pika Pika!”. Even in later games that gives the option of a wider variety following behind you, why wouldn’t we want to pick Pikachu again?


Eevee 3D | Sausage Roll

Our second pick shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise either, as another all-time fan favourite is just too adorable to pass up. Eevee, who can evolve into the widest range of Pokémon types is a fluffy and welcome addition to any team. We can hardly ignore those big eyes and beautiful tail, no matter the evolution path. The normal type sporting a soft brown, while the others all complimentary colours and designs to their type.


Cubone 3D | Sausage Roll

The third choice wasn’t easy per say, but coming from such a heart breaking background while looking so cute, it was just as hard not to choose Cubone. Described as a “lonely Pokémon”, Cubone has a round small body with an almost completely hidden face. This is because it “wears the skull of its deceased mother” as a helmet which echoes its cries into a sad melody. We couldn’t possibly leave this poor baby behind, with the hopes that this partnership might be comforting not just for us, but for the lonely Cubone too.

World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.)

Our second MMORPG on our list of games, World of Warcraft has been expanding its fantasy universe since 2004. Whether part of the Alliance or Horde, players have an astonishing growing selection of pets, known mostly as Battle Pets or Companions. These small pets can be summoned one at a time to follow you around as a Companion, or can partake in a Pet Battle presented as a turn-based mini-game. With over a thousand of these pets being steadily added to the expanding game, narrowing down our top 3 cutest pets was no easy task. However, in order to keep our sanity, as well as keep the pets chosen accessible to all World of Warcraft players alike, we decided to only focus on pets that were available from in-game vendors that are keeping an unlimited supply. This way, if you agree with our top 3, you can easily add these sweeties to your collection too; granted some requirements may be needed.

The Cou’pa

WoW pets: The Cou'pa | Sausage Roll

The Cou’pa tortoise look-a-like is easily a happy addition to the collection, as it peers around with its big blue eyes, bobbing its head. Also enjoying some expected hide-and-seek games, you may just be lucky enough to witness its rare roar as it’ll rear up trying to be adorably fierce. We’re so happy Cou’pa is in unlimited supply, even though we’re limited to only having three in our Pet Journal.

The Frostwolf Pup

WoW pets: Frostwolf Pup | Sausage Roll

We think it may be safe to assume that most people would find a wolf-like puppy on the top of their “Aawh” radar. The Frostwolf Pup, who forms part of the Horde, is no exception. Exceptionally fluffy with an almost too large head for its petite body, this little bundle is welcome to jump through our screen and onto our lap any day of the week. So come on, Frostwolf Pup, what are you waiting for?

Lost Platysaur

WoW pets: Lost Platysaur | Sausage Roll

To top of our top 3 list of cutest in-game pets, we present you with the Lost Platysaur. We know, it’s just too much cuteness, right, but how can we pass up that face? Looking absolutely overjoyed to see you with that big smile and eyes on it’s equally big head – summoning Lost Platysaur to pitter-patter behind you is just a squeal away from the ultimate joy of having a pet in-game.

What are your top 3 cutest pets in games?

Now that we’ve given some of our top 3 cutest pets from a number of games, what would you have picked? Do you agree with some of our choices? Or did we miss out on one of your favourite games that include in-game pets? Let us know down in the comments and remember to give those cuties a snuggle next time they accompany you!

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