Watch the moment Rove realised his career was over


The Australian talk show host thought he could make a comeback, but after only two episodes his show was cancelled. Watch the moment Rove realised his career was over.

Rove McManus used to be somewhat of a Australian household name back in the day. Families used to gather around their TV sets on Tuesday nights to watch him goof around with his fellow panel members live. It’s been sometime now, but Rove felt like was ready for comeback, but he really wasn’t.

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The first episode aired on the 27th of August to an abysmal 200 hundred and something thousand people. Many were quick to blame the lack of advertising and video on demand service like Netflix for the poor rating but, the fact of the matter is, nobody else is to blame except for Rove himself. The following weekend his viewership almost halved in size forcing Network 10’s hand in pulling the plug.

How bad was Saturday Night Rove?

It was terrible. Absolutely terrible. Rove has sure lost his touch. He’s not a comedian, nor a talk show host, he was just some wealthy fellow with his own show.

Who thinks challenging a has been labour prime minister to a game of handball is “quality entertainment”? Nobody. The demographic that still play handball are definitely too young to watch his show, and his dwindling audience are too old for that crap and are not too enthused to see two sweaty old men play a children’s game on live television. Not even if one of those guys is the former Australian PM, Kevin Rudd.

The video below says it all. Watch the moment Rove realised his career was over; it is somewhere between the heckling and losing, pants down, to Paul Rudd at a children’s game.

Watch: This is why Rove cancelled

The former Australian Labour Party leader is now a bit a joke himself after having exposed himself as a bit of a communist fanboy. One of his go to conversation starters is, “have you read the communist manifesto?” He even went as far as to learn Mandarin to criticise liberals in Chinese (for our U.S. readers: liberals are conservatives). Even though Rudd was the joke, he managed to make Rove the punchline by stealing his show and beating him 3-0 in a children’s game.

A source close to Rove told us that the awkwardness during the Rudd vs. Rove handball game was “palpable”. The two female assistants, Judith the commentator and Alex Lee the referee, knew exactly how embarrassingly awkward things were. “Welcome our first challenger, Rove ‘I guess my career has come to this’ McManus,” joked the announcer.

Between Rudd’s creepy touching and Rove’s crappy jokes the only thing that salvaged the segment was the side commentary from the audience and the assistants. After Rove got his ass handed to him he challenged Rudd to a winner takes all game to which Judith responded, “are you sure? People are turning over, they want to see if Poldark has started.” That comment alone got more laughs than anything Rove said the entire show. But, it doesn’t end there, oh no. A fellow audience member even decided to heckle Rove by sarcastically shouting, “Wow, Rove, this is quality TV!”

It’s no surprise that the show got cancelled after only two episodes. What is surprising, however, is how this show was able to get a green light from Network 10 producers. I guess they are equally at fault for this tragic moment in TV history.

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