What happened to Neekolul? Dead chat, bots, and irrelevance


Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez is slowly becoming less active online.. Is she giving up on her dreams as a social influencer and professional egirl?

Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez is gradually losing her importance, and no number of bots can persuade her that it is worth sacrificing her mental health to maintain her position in the limelight. It seems as the “OK Boomer Girl” is almost ready to retire her egirl status.

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Neekolul first came to prominence with a TikTok video which went viral in 2020. The little known TikTok influencer uploaded a video of herself endorsing socialist-democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for the election.

The video featured Nicole Alvarez Sanchez, better known as Neekolul, dancing and miming along to the meme song “Ok Doki Boomer” by Senzawa. Little did Nicole know, that that video would propel her to memedom herself.

Neekolul doxes musician who called her "chubby"
What happened to Nicole Neekolul Sanchez? Burn out or irrelevance?

At first people didn’t know if she was mocking or endorsing Bernie Sanders as it appeared to many that she was actually calling him a senile boomer in the video. However, she later admitted that she was going to vote for the socialist-democratic candidate and encouraged others to do so as well.

The beggining.

Up until this video went viral Neekolul was a small content creator with a few thousand followers on TikTok and an even lesser known YouTube channel where she spoke Spanish. She then became a big name on Twitch and got partnered with 100 Thieves, world’s largest gaming brand and esports group

Many questioned why a former professional League of Legends esports team would recruit a person who has no interest in gaming. However, it would later be discovered that Neekolul’s boyfriend/husband was behind her success from the very beginning.

Nicole Sanchez’s boyfriend, Nick Brotman, just happened to one of the world’s most prolific talent reps. He managed the likes of Mr Beast, Preston, Azzyland and Mark Jacob before Neekolul was even on the radar.

Nick Brotman Neeko boyfriend
Neekolul’s boyfriend/husband made her famous.

When this interesting bit of trivia came to light, many questioned where Neekolul had slept her way to the top. However, Neekolul accidentally let it slip that she had no interested in being a content creator until her boyfriend got her into it.

Yep. Her fame from the “OK Boomer” TikTok video did not go viral authentically. Her boyfriend pulled strings to get the right people to share it, boosting her to the top.

The middle.

Neekolul has made many millions from donations, endorsements, and partnerships since she became famous. She got gifted a USD$150,000 convertible BMW and was able purchase a luxury condo worth 3 million in Austin, Texas.

Old tweets surfaced where Neekolul was exposed poor shaming low-income earners, bragging about being able to afford a boob job, and generally being a very toxic person.

Neekolul poor shaming Tweet 2017
What happened to Neekolul after she was exposed?

She was arrested and accused with assaulting her ex-partner, and she was compelled to attend anger management classes in lieu of jail time. It appeared to Neekolul’s most devoted supporters that her political views, charming attitude, and everything else about her were a sham.

Fast forward to today. Neekolul is slowly disappearing of the internet. She will only post on social media to announce a new partnership, or to chime in on a popular event.

Her streams are becoming less and less frequent and despite appearing to have tens of thousand live viewers each time she goes live, her chat is barely active.

Media analysts concluded that they suspect that Neekolul’s boyfriend is botting her social media posts with likes and her livestreams with views to make her seem like she is just as relevant as she was back in 2020.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”uyixs9eshzpfvqrpdzef” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/v1601295976/hsh29s3axefopvdujacj.jpg” title=”Neekolul almost burns house down live during cooking stream wearing a maids outfit” volume=”70″]

“It doesn’t make sense,” the analyst told us. “All of her profiles are on a downwards trend but there’s a massive weekly boost that helps her maintain her position.”

“Neekolul’s team approached us about a six-figure collaboration, and like we do with anyone we wish to promote, we conducted a full review of all of her social media platforms, including Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and even TikTok. We discovered several significant red flags and chose not to proceed with the cooperation.”

The end.

According to the analyst, Neekolul appeared to be manipulating her social rank by buying views, likes and follows by using a bot.

Neeko loses subscribers after $2M apartment reveal
What happened to this egirl: Is this the end for Neekolul?

It is likely that Neekolul is feeling the burnout for grinding out so much content. She has two Twitch channels, two TikTok accounts, and two YouTube channels; one in English and one in Spanish.

Without those big sponsorship it might not even be worth it for Neekolul to continue streaming, especially if she doesn’t enjoy doing it or being an egirl.

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