Will The Bachelor marry one of these five girls?


Everyone’s favourite dating show is back for 2019 with Matt Agnew as the leading man, and although it is still early days we definitely noticed some chemistry. Will The Bachelor marry one of these five girls?

Matt Agnew is this year’s bachelor; a charming, tall and chiselled astrophysicist (not to be confused with astrologist, sorry Abbie! ‘I’m an astrophysicist. I’m a Gemini!’ Classic!). That means Matt is the entire bachelor package because he’s got the brains, the brawn and the beauty! It’s no shocker that all the girls – except Rachel – have already fallen head over heels for him.

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After the first cocktail party it was clear that there was some palpable chemistry between Matt and some of the girls. And it seems as though this handsome astrophysicist may have a certain “type”. Let’s see if you can guess what is type is after reading this list.

Now, back to this super important question: Will The Bachelor marry one of these five girls?

Chelsie, 28, VIC

Chelsie, 28, VIC | Sausage Roll

Hearts were thumping and sparks were flying when Chelsie and Matt first looked into each other’s eyes. Her little entrance gag was as cute as it was clever and it certainly left a lasting impression on Matt… literally (temporary tattoo of the chemical Oxycontin, or as Matt called it, the love chemical).

Helena, 25, WA

Helena, 25, WA | Sausage Roll

She got the flutters, and he has a very hard… err… decision to make. Helena’s dress and adorable accent absolutely melted Matt. He turned into a bit a blubbering fool in her presence. For a moment it seemed like was interviewing her for a job as his future wife, but luckily he caught his breath and composed himself. But the chemistry was undeniable.

Elly, 24, NSW

Elly, 24, NSW | Sausage Roll

Nothing like some marshmallows roasted over a campfire, especially the proper charcoal ones as Matt puts it. The extra effort Elly put in for her first impression worked as a small date on its own. They were able to open up and get to know each other. Bit of a lucky advantage for Elly, and it really paid off. The kind and caring nurse from New South Wales, has a heart of gold, got the first impression rose and the golden ticket.

Monique, 26, NSW

Monique, 26, NSW | Sausage Roll

Really, I don’t remember very much about unique. But going by Matt’s track record, she looks like she might be right up his alley. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Nichole, 25, QLD

Nichole, 25, QLD | Sausage Roll

She is stunningly beautiful, confident and competitive but Matt summed her up with one word; cheeky. She definitely doesn’t seem Matt’s type because she is a bit on the wild side, and when Matt asked her what she was looking for she just replied, “a mate to do some fun shit with.” Not the most romantic response, but at least she’s honest and she knows what she wants and she is going to fight for it. Matt didn’t send her home after the first night, so maybe she will open up a little more through the process.

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