ABC Australia post fake news about Trump and gun wielding couple


ABC News posted a story that painted U.S. president as a racist for retweeting a video of an elderly couple pointing their guns at ‘peaceful BLM protesters’.

ABC Australia are supposed to be non-partisan but over past few years they have shown a clear bias towards both the Australian and American left. Now, instead of posting news, they are publishing what could be considered political propaganda.

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You’ll rarely hear anything positive about our own prime minister Scott Morrison or America’s current running president Donald J. Trump on ABC Australia. There’s a clear political bias in their reporting and that is even more evident when you listen to the hosts of the ABC morning radio talk show refer to Trump as a “human dumpster fire.”

ABC, like CNN, claim to be fair and balanced yet, like CNN, have a clear left-wing bias. As a matter of fact, a lot of their USA news articles are pretty much copy-paste versions of CNN’s work.

This morning the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) published a news article where they imply that Trump is a racist who doesn’t care about black lives because he retweeted a video of an elderly couple defending their home.

The article states that the protesters were peaceful and they weren’t there to harass the elderly couple but instead were marching towards the St. Louis mayor’s home to demand her resignation after she named people who wanted to defund the police.

ABC fake news: Mark and Patricia McCloskey were defending home

ABC Australia post fake news: Mark and Patricia McCloskey were defending their private property from trespassing angry mob of protesters.

The author of the article then glorifies Tweets made my left-wing pundits who mocked the elderly couple while shaming notable conservative mouthpiece Matt Gaetz, who the author alleges is a Anti-Black Lives Matter activist, for “using it for political points.”

The article continues to mock the elderly couple for being scared for their lives and insinuates that they lied about the protesters being an ‘angry mob’ that were trespassing on private property. The truth is the elderly couple weren’t lying.

The Black Lives Matter movement has turned ugly in the UK and the US. Cops are being shot at, people are being stabbed, shops are being looted, and homes are being burned down; this is the reality.

The 500 protesters violently kicked down the gate to a private gated community where the St. Louis mayor, Lyda Krewson, lived. The McCloskey family (elderly couple pictured guarding their home) heard the angry mob and proceeded to exercise their 2nd amendment right and defend their home; which they spent years restoring and maintaining.

North Oaks is a privately owned property and they do not take lightly to trespassers.

When the protesters saw the McCloskey family standing on their veranda with firearms the protesters began to shout, taunt and hassle them.

Legally speaking the McCloskey family were well within their rights as the angry mob was trespassing on private property. The entire community is gated and is privately owned.

Again, ABC News Australia is trying to paint the U.S. president as a racist with their biased and inaccurate reporting. Furthermore, they allege that the lives of the “peaceful” protester’s lives are now in danger because conservatives are trying to dox them.

Do you trust ABC News Australia as a a credible and unbiased news source? Let us know in the comments below.

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