Alec and Hilaria Baldwin suspected of charity fraud in East Hampton


Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are not the most popular celebrity couple at the moment. The pair forced an elderly lady out off her job and took over her stable where many people now believe they run a fake charity.

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Beloved veteran horsewoman Jan Warner was praised for running a “caring and affordable” stable in Amagansett, Long Island, New York. She was respected by both the socialites and the less fortunate and never turned away client. She ran the stable like a charity and put her heart and soul into her work.

Throughout the years the stable became to be known as “Jan’s barn” because of her kind deeds. She did not charge the insanely high prices for boarding and riding horses like most stables on the East End. To her clients and locals alike she was known as a horse whisperer with a remarkable talent to keep the horses happy.

Jan Warner
Jan Warner was a beloved horse caretaker who was forced out of the East Hampton stable now known as Amagansett Horse Rescue by Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria.

Jan Warner even allowed those let fortunate to stable their horses at the her barn for free as long as they’d help her with some chores around the barn. Prices for boarding a horse could go up to as much as USD$500 per night, per horse in the area.

Jan Warner claimed she saw the Baldwin family visit a few times to speak to the owner, Job Potter, before she was eventually forced to pay one whole year in advance in rent. She could not afford that and was immediately evicted.

“I couldn’t pay the whole year upfront and he knew that,” Warner said of Potter. She says the request felt like “his way of getting rid of me,” Jan Warner explain.

Baldwin family took over, in secrecy.

Baldwin then signed a lease a few months later with Potter and turned Warner’s modest little business into the home of Amagansett Horse Rescue, a registered non-profit. However, it was soon discovered that not a single person knew that stables were being operated as a rescue as they had not been told after the Baldwin takeover.

Baldwin’s accountant did not produce a mission statement for the rescue and it was not seen in public online filings. The rescue has no web site, no listed phone number, is not on the local horse community’s online list of rescue stables, and has no social-media accounts.

alec baldwin slammed for charity fraud
Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria called hypocrites by forcing elderly lady out off home and job and allegedly running charity fraud to exploit locals.

“I didn’t know it was a rescue,” said Dr. Jim Meyer, an East Hampton vet who treats horses at the Baldwin facility who are boarded by paying owners. “I don’t know it by name as a rescue.”

Horse owners who now pay a premium to keep their animals at the barn make their checks out to “Alexander Baldwin III,” not to the incorporated, non-profit Amagansett Horse Rescue. The Post viewed cancelled checks made out to Baldwin provided by a source close to the stable. 

All these red flags have locals believing that the Baldwin family are committing charity fraud and that Alec himself is trying to keep it under wraps. Is Alec Baldwin exploiting a local business in the East End just so he can evade taxes?

Not the first time.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Baldwin family have been accused of trying to exploit charity for personal gain.

In 2009 Alec’s sister, Elizabeth Baldwin-Keuchler, was exposed pocketing 60% of the money earned from a family organised (The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of Central New York) breast cancer charity.

Tax documents obtained by show that between 2009 and 2011, the fund pulled in $416,916 in revenue after expenses and paid approximately 60% of that, or $243,473, to Elizabeth as salary.

Alec Baldwin's wife
Alec Baldwin, again accused of charity fraud, is nearly 30 years older than his wife Hilaria.

“The Baldwins like to call them ‘stipends,’ but no matter what way you say it, you’re getting paid,” James Edstrom, Carol Baldwin’s former best friend and a volunteer for the Fund said.

“You look at a family like that that … and everybody thinks they’re doing it for the goodness of their hearts. If you’re gonna do a charity and you’re a wealthy person, there’s no reason to take any money out.”

“They don’t care about people.”

It used to outrage me so much the way [Carol Baldwin] would go collect money at schools where kids would get change out of their lunch money to donate and stuff like that [and then see it go to the family,” he says. “Where’s the justice, when you’re on salary and all these expenses are being paid for.”

The Baldwin’s defended their actions by saying that they did pay the charity a some of money and that they are better off with their donation then without it. But to many it seems like the family exploited a a serious illness for personal monetary gain.

James slammed the Baldwin’s adding: “The family are not nice people. They don’t seem to care about people. I think they have no kind of humane feelings about people. It’s all about them.”

This recent discovery may prompt the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) of the USA to investigate whether the Baldwin family is engaging in charity fraud yet again.

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