Amber Heard looks washed up in shocking new photo


Amber Heard was candidly snapped in public with her friends and people think she looks incredibly unhealthy and washed up in photo.

People believe that the Aquaman 2 actress, Amber Heard, is looking like a ghost of her former self after her latest Instagram photo post.


Shortly after reportedly almost losing her job because of fitness concerns, Amber Heard is back chain smoking and chugging red wine and — if recent pictures are anything to go by — the 35-year-old actress is not making an effort to get back in shape.

Although a known Hollywood insider alleged that reports of Amber Heard almost losing her job was ‘inaccurate’ but not entirely false, we’ve now been made aware that Amber Heard’s job was never at stake even though she did breach the health clause on her movie contract.

Heard has gotten away with so much on the set of Aquaman to that she is not at all concerned about being recast and is continuing to live that party girl lifestyle. Almost every day the actress posts a selfie of herself with a full glass of red wine. It seems as though parenthood has not really had much of an impact on her life.

Amber Heard posted a picture of herself at, what appears to be, a play of some kind with the caption “how was your weekend” but people were quick to point out her unhealthy complexion, greasy thinning hair, the bags under her eyes, and her drunken gaze.

“She looks terrible. The wine and cigs and coke and addies and lies have caught up with her,” Independent reporter Colonel Kurtz tweeted. “I almost can smell her…and it is not a good smell,” another wrote.

Amber Heard’s alcoholic and drug abusing tendencies have been largely reported by current and former crew members. According to one insider she drinks between takes and is rarely, if ever, sober on set.

Who's taking care of Amber Heard's baby
PHOTO: Amber Heard loves red wine.

Others are absolutely shocked that Amber Heard, a woman whose health, hair and hygiene is often questioned is a spokesperson for one of the world’s largest person care companies, L’Oréal.

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