Anthony Hopkins says lockdown is making him insane in Twitter video


Anthony Hopkins is getting sick of the lockdown and admits that he’s “going insane” in quarantine Twitter video

The lockdown is definitely taking a toll on all of us. Some people have a way of coping with the government forced house arrest.. but is it enough to stop Anthony Hopkins from going insane?

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The 82-year-old actor is looking fantastic for his age, albeit visible annoyed with the current global crisis.

Hopkins has been trying to keep sane spending his time, locked in his own house, trying to focus on his art.

“174 days… and maybe not so sane,” the actor posted on Twitter with an accompanying video of him enjoying his passions.

“173 days in quarantine. 174 days in quarantine, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,” Hopkins says while working on his latest masterpiece.

He then stares at the camera with an insane wide-eyed look and lets out a maniacal little giggle.

Understandably the Silence of The Lambs actor is taking the lockdown very seriously. The elderly are reportedly at a larger risk of having a fatal reaction to the virus, and by the looks and sounds of Hopkins, the man’s not ready to go.

The veteran actor has won many awards for his acting talents and is one of the most respected men in Hollywood, but perhaps he’s now thinking about retiring his acting boots.

Anthony Hopkins VanityFair

Insane Anthony Hopkins, 83, says he’s “just some bold old dude” during lockdown/quarantine. Image via Twitter.

Hopkins Twitter bio seems to list his passions in order of importance: Painter, Composer, Actor of film, stage and television.

Anthony Hopkins has been taking his painting and art very seriously and has launched an official website where you can scope out his work.

Anthony Hopkins art

Ballet On The Moon: Anthony Hopkins painting and artwork.

Hopkins also explained that his art is not an expression — political or otherwise — but rather a journey of discover.

“I don’t think there’s any meaning in it. I just paint. I discover as I go along and I don’t analyse, I just go for it,” Hopkins states on his site.

Hopkins is not letting his age slow him down; he still has two films releasing in the next two years: Elyse and The Virtuoso.

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