Woman recommends bad tattoo artist to girl who copied hers, gets infected


A woman is being criticised for her nasty tattoo stunt that she pulled on her acquaintance, Sarah, which left her scarred and infected with a bad cheap tattoo.

She felt like the star of the show when the entire room gathered around her to see her new tattoo. She was proud of her design, “I designed with my husband. We got matching ones for our anniversary. It is super personal.”

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While showing her tattoo off to a bunch of friends, a young girl saw the tattoo and was inspired by it.

“I noticed this one girl in our group, Sarah — who I’m not super close to — was really into it. She even took a picture of it which I thought was strange but I let it slide,” the tattoo junkie explained.

bad tattoo artist regrets

Woman recommends bad tattoo artist as joke ends badly.

Sarah was what she considered a “plain Jane,” no crazy piercings, natural coloured hair and zero ink.

When Sarah saw the tattoo she became inspired to get a similar tattoo, or at least the woman thought.

“So a week or so later I hear through the grape vine that Sarah is trying to get a copy of my tattoo. honestly I suspected this. She told a couple of friends of mine the design, and for some reason, didn’t think that they would tell me. But here comes the crazy part, she comes to me and asks me for a recommendation for an artist. She specifically wanted one that wasn’t too expensive.”

Here comes the stinky part. Sarah summoned the courage to approach the woman and ask her where she could get a similar one, and instead of being recommended a decent artist she gave her the number of a guy who has seriously maimed people with terrible art before.

“I asked her what she was going to get. She was really coy with me and told me that she had not finished thinking about it yet. So I recommend the worst tattoo “artist” I know.”

The woman had previously had a terrible experience with the artist before. It was some random junkie who fancied himself a ‘bit of an artist’. He was known for not properly sanitising his equipment and the woman who recommended him got a pretty nasty infection from his tattoo and had to have it covered up.

girl gets infected with a bad cheap tattoo from artist

Woman recommends bad tattoo artists, gets nasty tattoo.

“I knew she wouldn’t do her proper research and check him out, and she didn’t. She went and got her cheap tattoo from this guy and it is f—ed. up It’s already blown out, the lines aren’t straight, and it’s badly infected.”

Both her and her husband thought it was really funny but most of her friends agree that was a terrible thing of her to do. Instead of asking her nicely not to copy her design she played a terrible joke on her that ended with Sarah being scarred and sick.

I think it’s safe to say that Sarah will not be getting another tattoo, especially a cheap tattoo, any time soon, if at all.

What are your thoughts on this vengeful prank? Funny or f—-ed up? Let us know in the comments below.

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