Artist makes orcs less racist by making them ‘curvy soft and queer’


Artist Eden Black things they’ve found a solution to the ‘racist’ stigma by making them ‘curvy, queer and LGBTQ friendly’.

Some people are extremely offended by the representation of fictional creatures in art and literature. That’s because they believe that orcs are a racist re-imagining, of sorts, of black people.

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J.R. Tolkien was once called a racist because of his portrayal of orcs in his literature. The fact that these fictional creatures are not white and are bad, to them, means that they clearly represent black people.

An extensive study was done on the series on his writings which confirmed that orcs in no way, shape, or form represented black people. Tolkien’s orcs are, in fact, just corrupted elves. The study suggested that the underlining message of the Lord of The Ring saga is actually drug addiction.

Unfortunately that old argument has been dug up and the internet is divided on whether or not orcs are racist.

Duraton is a good orc in World of Warcraft.

Spencer Baculi did a phenomenal job breaking down the recent outrage surrounding the ‘problematic’ and ‘racist’ nature of the fictional creatures in arts and literature for Bounding Into Comics.

On the other hand a small-time Twitter artists decided to fix the issue and make orcs less problematic by making them ‘curvy and queer’.

“It’s important to know how orcs were made to fit into pre-existing racist and colonial ideas, and how that has tainted their portrayal,” Eden Black Tweeted.

“I think by diversifying and humanising them we can keep the good parts and toss out the racist trash. So here we have soft, queer orcs.”

Their Tweet starting going viral before the artist set their Twitter to private.

What do you thing of these less problematic soft curvy and queer orcs? Let us know in the comments below.

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