Australian teen girl bullied out of school for being ‘cis-gendered Christian’

A 16-year-old girl was harassed and bullied out off her North Sydney, NSW, high school for being a “cis-gendered Christian” and was forced to change schools.

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Carly, 16, is an Australian teen high school girl. She was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Sydney. She grew up — in what she describes to be — a beautiful, safe and friendly community. But all the sudden she has found herself a victim of extreme bullying, and it is completely out of her control.

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“I grew up with them. These people have been friends since childhood, but now they can’t stand the sight of me,” Carly — a bright and ambitious teen high school girl, said in a heart-breaking email that she sent to our editors.

Sadly, times have changed for her and Carly has now found herself as a victim of day-to-day bullying that has lead her family into pulling her out of school. But the reason why this Australian teen high school girl was being bullied may surprise a lot of you.

“I’ve never said a mean thing towards these girls who I was considered my friends. We’ve never even argued. We used to hangout a lot, and we’ve been to each other’s birthday parties. But in the last two years I felt things were changing, like they were deliberately trying to distance themselves from me,” Carly wrote.

“It started with just ignoring me. Not inviting me to hangouts and things like that. I even invited them to my 15th birthday and they didn’t come. It hurt a lot but I tried not to let it show. The next day at school I sat all by myself at lunch and my next door neighbour, who is one year older than me and goes to the same school obviously, saw that I was upset and sat down and talked to me.”

Young girl's birthday party
Bullied for religion: Lifelong friends abandon Australian teen high school girl for being a cis-gendered Christian.

Now that Carly’s old friend group had pretty much abandoned her, she started spending a lot more time with her next door neighbour, Andrew, during recess. Eventually they started dating and it wasn’t until her old friends saw the two of them holding hands one day that they confronted her.

Being straight and Christian is problematic.

“Andrew and I have been friends since we were like 5-years-old. Our parents are good friends and we go to the same church together. We never really hung out at school together because he was in the grade above me, but it wasn’t until we started dating that my old friends started actually talking to me again… but it wasn’t friendly.”

They would call her “plain Jane” and “boring” and other such words, but Carly wasn’t really aware of why they hated her until they said something along the lines of “you two Nazis deserve each other.”

pro transgender posters in high schools
Pro-transgender posters were plastered around her high school promoting the message to children as young as 13.

Her old friends were very familiar with Carly’s upbringing. Her parents were quite religious and conservative. And although Carly admits to being a devout Christian, she has no interest in politics. That didn’t matter to her old friends. As far as they were concerned, Carly was problematic.

She had noticed a sudden change in their style, attitude, and personality over the past two years. However, Carly was not aware that two of her old friends now identified as men.

Called out for calling ex-friend’s TikTok inappropriate.

“I’m not on social media. I have Facebook and Instagram, but that’s about it. It is not entirely my choice, my parents don’t want me on Twitter, SnapChat, or TikTok. My old friends, on the other hand, live most of their lives on there. But I don’t really keep up with it.”

TikTok cringe
Australian teen high school girl bullied for being Christian and forced out off school for calling out inappropriate TikTok.

Carly explains that she would have only known about her friends’ new gender identities by reading their online bios where they now list their pronouns. Apparently her entire class knew of this but she didn’t. She wasn’t made aware of it until one day her friend cast a video from her TikTok onto her class’s TV where they were doing a cosplay dance video in a see-through shirt.

“Everybody in the class could see her breasts, even our teacher. When I asked if this wasn’t inappropriate content for class I was immediately met with boos and jeers from my fellow classmates, even my own teacher.”

The teacher justified the video by telling me that this person identifies as a male. I had a very difficult time trying to understand what my teacher was trying to say and I pointed out that, regardless, she’s a minor and this stuff isn’t appropriate for class.

Carly was harassed by her peers.

“Immediately after saying that my old friend screamed obscenities at me, calling me a ‘fascist’ and a ‘terf’ before bursting into tears. The teacher asked me to step outside for the remainder of the lesson and proceeded to console the class.”

After the class ended the teacher called her back in and gave her a lecture about trans acceptance and asked her to conceal or remove her Cross necklace, saying that it is harmful and dangerous to some people in her school.

“I may be Christian but I’m certainly not a fascist or a transphobe. The Bible has taught me to treat everyone with respect and that it is not my place to judge. If my friends would have just talked to me about these things we would have not have had an issue. They know I’m not allowed on social media. How was I supposed to know that they changed their names and gender identities if they didn’t tell me?”

sad school girl
Australian teen school girl bullied for being ‘cis-gendered’ and assumed to be a fascist because she’s Christian.

Later that day Carly was confronted by her old friends. She was sitting by herself, visibly upset with what had just happened earlier that day.

Austrlian teen high school girl bullied and beaten!

“They surrounded me and kept asking me to stand up. I ignored them at first and then eventually they grabbed my hair and pulled me off the bench. I shouted, ‘what the heck’ at them before they slapped my face.”

They shoved her around calling her a ‘cis-gendered Christian b*itch’ and other derogatory slurs occasionally punching her in the arm.

“I was hysterical at this point and asked them what I did wrong. They spat on me, then said ‘being born’ before pushing me against the bench. I tripped over the bench and fell flat on my back.”

Carly ran to her school’s administration and asked them to call her parents to pick her up from the school.

The following day Carly was terrified to go back to school but she gathered her courage and decided to tough it up. While she was waiting in her home group the principal arrived and asked to speak to her privately.

“I felt a sense of relief when she arrived. I thought this was all going to be resolved, but when we arrived at her office and I saw my dad sitting there I got that sinking feeling in my stomach.”

She was considered dangerous by her school.

After beating Carly up, her old friends went directly to the teacher and told him they don’t feel safe around her. They had escalated this to the school’s administration and they acted promptly.

“The principal told me and my dad that it would be better for everyone if I change classes. She said that some students felt unsafe with me around.”

Australian teachers are pro trans and forced teen school girl to leave after being bullied for being Christian.

“My dad is a sweetheart and I’ve never seen him lose his temper before, but after hearing that he lost it. He pointed at the bruises on my arms and scratches on my face and said, ‘if anyone should feel unsafe here it is my daughter.’ She merely shrugged and told him, if that is how he feels, then perhaps I should go to another school.”

Carly’s dad pulled her out off the school immediately and enrolled her in the high school in the next town. She has had no issues there so far, but admits to being scared to wear her Cross necklace in fear of being called a fascist or some kind of phobe.

Her email concludes: “I still don’t see what I did wrong. I never said anything mean or did anything nasty to them. After they stopped talking to me, I let them be. I understand that they may have been offended when I misgendered them, but that was purely a misunderstanding. They never talked to me about their gender identity. They didn’t talk to me much at all, and I think that’s because they assumed the worst in me for being a cis-gendered Christian.”

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