Abuser Amber Heard joins Black Lives Matter protest with staged photo


Although she’s not the only celebrity who wants to dismantle and defund the police, Amber Heard — who relied on the police to detain her Depp for false allegations — is now a staunch supporter.

Forget about #blackout because Amber Heard’s social media has pretty much gone dark since she was exposed making false abuse allegations against her ex-hubby Johnny Depp.

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According to eyewitnesses Amber Heard used make-up to fake injuries and used it as evidence to have her ex-husband Johnny Depp arrested and charged for domestic abuse. The allegations, although now proven false, subsequently had a devastating affect on Depp’s personal and professional life.

Now Heard is pointing the finger at ‘police corruption’ and demanding that governments all over the world defund and dismantle the ‘systematically racist police force’.

Amber Heard shared, what appears to be a staged, picture on her Instagram with the following comment: “Standing in solidarity with those intent on changing a terribly flawed and broken system and for those who are demanding justice in support of countless black and brown lives lost to it. I stand with all who are participating in this historic moment.”

The photo shows Amber Heard emotionally distraught gasping in shock while wearing a face mask that is not covering her nose. Beside her is a man dressed as a police officer, unfortunately it is not possible to verify which department they’re from.

The Instagram post only has three comments on her profile as Amber Heard has, mostly, disabled her comments only leaving them open to people who she follows. One of these comments is from her film maker friend, Trevor William Patten.

Abuser Amber Heard joins Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest with staged Instagram photo.

Although Trevor Patten could be speaking figuratively and just showing his support, the police officer does look an awful lot like Patten himself. Especially when you look at his, now private, Instagram page.

Is Trevor William Patten playing the cop in Abuser Amber Heard staged protest photo?

Although it is very unlikely there is a chance of this being an actual picture of her engaging in the BLM protest, but considering how the cop is also posing, how Amber Heard is dressed and how her mask is not sitting properly on her face… that it is very doubtful.

Handful of Hollywood celebrities and wealthy socialites have staged protests photos to ‘show solidarity’ — or for likes — on Instagram.

Video footage shows an Instagram social ‘influencer’ all dressed up modeling with a “Black Lives Matter” sign in front of protesters and then bailing.

This form of posting is more commonly known as ‘virtue signalling‘ to most people, which is to take a conspicuous but essentially useless action ostensibly to support a good cause but actually to show off how much more moral you are than everybody else.

Do you think that the Amber Heard’s protest picture is staged or real? Let us know in the comments below.

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