Alyssa Milano slammed for race baiting video


Alyssa Milano decided to speak on behalf of all people of colour on her podcast but was quickly shut down for her unintended racism.

Alyssa Milano took to social media to post a video herself lecturing white people on what it is like to be a person of colour but she was slammed for having racist views.

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Former c-list actress best known for her role as Phoebe Hallwell in the popular 90s witch soap-opera Charmed has now turned into a wine aunt and political activist and likes to get into conservative faces on online. Unfortunately for her, most of her attempts at virtue signalling end up being laughed off even by her closest peers.

In 2020 the 48-year-old went live on Twitter clearly intoxicated on wine and announced, “we are literally living in Nazi Germany, and Donald Trump is worse than Hitler.” Alyssa Milano was sobbing like a child during her live stream and told her fans that she believes that the world would end if Trump wasn’t forcefully removed from office.

Since then Alyssa Milano has made several outrageous claims and has even called out her former cast mate Rose McGowan for taking Tara Reade’s side in her assault allegations against current US president Joe Biden. But now Alyssa Milano is in the headlines once again for being called out by her peers for a very racist video.

In her recent Sorry Not Sorry podcast Alyssa Milano attempted to explain what is is like to be black in a racist America but she was immediately slammed by a fellow black TikToker, Savannah Edwards, who goes by the username ThisIsSavvy online. for being “a White lady with a microphone”.

In her trending TikTok video Sav responds to Milano saying, “for those of us who are not Black men, imagine watching the news and seeing how people…” immediately by stating, “Imaging being a Black man and being told by some White lady with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one and the same because you look alike.”

She continues: “Imagine being told by society that white people can be all that they can be but you  as a Black man, the content of your character is completely irrelevant. You are the colour of your skin and that’s all you will ever be,” she said. “Imagine being told you can’t figure out how to vote because of the colour of your skin.”

Savannah "ThisIsSavvy" Edwards
Savannah “ThisIsSavvy” Edwards via Instagram.

Edwards then slammed Alyssa Milano for race baiting, adding that she is part of the problem by pushing these narratives that are dividing America.

“Socioeconomic effects everyone but apparently you’re not as smart as the poorest white person. Lady I don’t want to hate you,” she stated. “I understand your heart is in the right place but you are everything you preach against. You’re not helping, you’re making things worse. You’re causing more division, you’re causing more fear.

Edwards also challenged the narrative of systematic racism and said, “Statistically speaking I am more likely to be shot and killed by my Black elderly neighbour across the street than the cop who patrols my neighbourhood. Statistically speaking homicide by cop is very rare but people like you find power in fear so you keep it front page news.”

ThisIsSavvy’s TikTok video has gone viral on both with TikTok and Twitter with over 1 million combined views. Alyssa Milano has yet to respond.

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