Amber Heard banned from Australia


Amber Heard faces a minimum of a three year re-entry ban from Australia for committing perjury in Depp libel trial, United Kingdom.

Amber Heard faces a minimum of a three year re-entry ban from Australia if she’s found to be guilty of perjury in Johnny Depp’s defamation case. Sadly, there are loopholes that may dissolve the band.

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Amber Heard banned from Australia. The Aquaman actress just barely escaped conviction in her dog-smuggling trial here in Australia in 2016. The 35-year-old actress pleaded ignorance and blamed one of her former personal assistants for making an error when filling out legal paper work before her trip to Australia.

Amber Heard smuggled her two Yorkshire terriers — Pistol and Boo — into Australia with false paperwork, and when she was busted she blamed jet lag and her personal assistant.

The false documents charge carries a maximum penalty of a year in prison and a fine over AUD$10,000 ($7,650), but Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan sentenced Heard instead to a one-month good behaviour bond. Maintaining she paid a AU$1,000 fine if she commits any offences in Australia over the next month.

Amber Heard mocks Australia

Jeremy Kirk, her attorney at the time, told the court that his client never meant to lie on her incoming passenger card by failing to declare she had animals with her. In truth, Kirk said, she was simply jetlagged and assumed her assistants had sorted out the paperwork.

Now after Johnny Depp’s legal team has made several attempts of proving Amber Heard committed perjury in The Sun libel trial and after Ms Heard made social media posts mocking the Australian government, the Australian government is reviewing her case.

According to attorney of the stars, Martin Singer, Kate James [Heard’s former personally assistant] sent an affidavit claiming that Amber Heard deliberately lied to the Australian Government about her dogs to avoid fees and quarantine and falsely accused her of overlooking the necessary paperwork.

Ms Kate James also testified that Amber Heard lied about a sexual assault she described and said that it was stolen, verbatim, from her.

Due to these recent revelations the Department of Agriculture in Australia has launched a follow up investigations into Amber Heard’s lies. In a recent between of the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee, Ms Peta Lane revealed that the Department of Agriculture had reopened an investigation into Heard’s false testimony.

Amber Heard with Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo

“There was a question this morning in regards to Amber Heard, I can confirm that the department is investigating that matter. There was evidence presented in the London court case which suggested false statements were provided in the court case in Australia in 2016 so we are investigating that,” Ms Peta Lane of the Agricultural Department announced.

Sausage Roll confirmed with their government sources that Mr Heard’s case was being thoroughly investigated in Australia, and they added that, “Amber Heard faces a minimum of a three year entry-ban from Australia following this investigation.”

If Australia acknowledges that Amber Heard committed perjury in Australia, not only will the 35-year-old B-list actress face a bare minimum of a 3 year ban from Australia, but she will also be forced to pay a AUD$20,000 fine. Sadly, there are many loopholes that Heard can take advantage of if she wished to return to the land down under.

Although her re-entry ban cannot be removed, if her employee pays for a work visa she can still work in Australia; this means if she is filming Aquaman 2 or any other film in here, she will be allowed to re-enter. Also, the re-entry ban will be null and void if she applies for a permanent Visa which is guaranteed to be accepted immediately if the fees are paid in full, which — to Ms Heard — are nothing.

Our source concludes, although that That Umbrella Guys video seems nail a nail in the coffin for Amber Heard and that she will be banned from re-entering Australia, this investigation will not be damaging to her career, but hopefully it should help Johnny Depp with his upcoming defamation trial against his ex-wife.

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