Amber Heard exposed lying in unflattering no makeup pictures


Aquaman actress, Amber Heard, said she never went out without makeup to hide the bruises that her ex Johnny Depp gave her but new pics prove that she lied.

Johnny Depp fans were able to dig up some very unflattering pictures of Amber Heard looking very exposed and messy in public. The pictures show Amber Heard with no makeup, proving that she lied about “hiding bruises.”

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Amber Heard told her attorney that Johnny Depp had severely beaten her on occasion and left her with black eyes and bruises. However, when she was confronted by her peers about the visibility of her injuries she explained that she wouldn’t go out in public without makeup because she wanted to hide her injuries.

However, Heard’s own makeup artist denied ever seeing any bruises or cuts on her face despite her claiming that she “caked on makeup” to hide her injuries ahead of her appearance on the James Corden show.

Old pictures that were supposedly taken while Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were still together contradict her claims.

The pictures show her, seemingly hungover, bloated with messy greasy hair and braless heading towards her car.

Amber Heard exposed lying appears hungover in public as she staggers braless with no makeup towards her car.

It appears though Heard may have an aversion to bras considering she was recently snapped braless at a Mosque in Instanbul.

Amber Heard has a history of lying

In 2016, Amber fabricated documents to smuggle her two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, into Australia knowing — full well — that the laws are strict in order to protect our unique wildlife.

According to several witnesses, Heard also lied about those same two dogs pooping on Johnny Depp’s side of the marital bed. The estate manager said that the fesses did not come from the dogs, and looked and smelled like it came from a human.

Amber Heard with her two Yorkshire terriers: Pistol and Boo.

Amber Heard with her two Yorkshire terriers: Pistol and Boo.

Heard later inadvertantly admitted that the poo found in their marital bed was not an accident and was supposed to be a “harmless prank.” The estate manager believes it came from Amber herself. The following day #AmberTurd started trending on Twitter.

The 34-year-old actress also lied about participating in the Black Lives Matter protests when she staged a photo of herself pretending to be outside during the protests.

Heard eagerly awaits the verdict in the Johnny Depp vs. The Sun libel trial as she hopes that the latter wins. She has booked no new acting gigs since the trial commenced.

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