Amber Heard reportedly failed to oppose Johnny Depp emergency hearing


AMBER HEARD FAILED! A source close to Depp’s legal team has told us that UK Court of Appeals will proceed with the emergency hearing in March, 2021. What does this mean for the upcoming defamation trial against Heard later this year?

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Johnny Depp was granted an emergency hearing before March 31 following the damning new evidence of Amber Heard committing perjury in the UK High Court.

Amber Heard’s attorney allegedly attempted to oppose the hearing but was ultimately turned down for not having a valid reason to do so. Her legal team had until February 21st and were reportedly turned away twice.

This means that Depp’s emergency hearing in regards to The Sun libel trial verdict will happen and — if sufficient evidence is presented — the verdict may be overturned.

Amber Heard Lawyers
Amber Heard and her team of #MeToo lawyers have failed to oppose verdict appeal.

Depp’s legal team have been on fire since they bogus verdict was handed down by Sir Judge Nicol in the UK High Courts. His team have been working around the clock to bring evidence to counter Heard’s many claims proving that she lied under oath and committed perjury.

Some of the new evidence Johnny Depp is bringing to the table is receipts proving that Amber Heard lied about not being allowed to drive by Johnny Depp.

In a sworn statement Ms Heard also told the UK High Court that Johnny Depp prevented her from having a car for almost four years in order to control her. Johnny Depp’s attorney said that was absurd but the star-struck Judge Nicol believed Heard without so much as a shred of evidence proving her claim. New receipts and documents prove that this was a lie.

Amber Heard also lied about donating the entirety of her divorce settlement money to charity and has now implicated her tech billionaire ex-boyfriend Elon Musk in charity fraud.

A subpoena has been sent out to Elon Musk and the charity in question and they must now testify in Amber Heard’s upcoming countersuit case.

A plethora of of unearthed evidence proving that Amber Heard, not Johnny Depp, is the guilty party will supposedly be unearthed at the emergency hearing next month. Meanwhile, things aren’t looking too hot for Heard or her legal team.

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