Amber Heard secret identity and alias Larisa Vanda exposed


Amber Heard’s true identity is a bit of a mystery. The Aquaman actress goes by multiple names… is Larisa Vanda one of them?

Two words that apparently are not synonymous with Amber Heard are truth and transparency. The 35-year-old actress is being investigated in Australia and the United States for committing perjury which has lead to new incriminating evidence. So who really is Amber Heard, and why does she go by Larisa Vanda.

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Despite her previous marriage to the Pirates of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp, Amber opted to keep her new surname private and would introduce herself as Amber Heard. This is not unusual among celebrities as they often treat their own names as brands. In never-before-seen police bodycam footage, Amber Heard is seen calling her then-husband Johnny Heard.

One thing we’ve discovered is that Amber Heard is very inconsistent with her name and she might actually have a secret alias that nobody knows about. In 2008 Amber Heard petitioned the courts to have her name legally changed to Amber van Ree after she entertained a domestic partnership with her ex-girlfriend Tasya.

Amber later changed her surname to Heard after Tasya van Ree broke up with her. Heard was arrested for domestic abuse against her artist girlfriend by Port of Seattle Police on September 14, 2009, according to Sea-Tac spokesman Perry Cooper.

Heard and her then-girlfriend, painter and photographer Tasya van Ree, got into a heated argument at the airport after Heard allegedly grabbed and struck her ex-girlfriend’s arm.

Amber Heard with ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree
Amber Heard at the premiere of John Carpenter’s The Ward | Credit to GabboT (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Heard ended up being arrested and charged for misdemeanour assault in the fourth degree/domestic violence, Cooper said.

However, in November of 2011, the police received a request to delete the arrest information on the case from higher-ups and as allowed under Washington state law, it was then deleted from the system, Cooper said.

Despite reportedly having legally changed her name back to Amber Laura Heard, legal records show that she has continued to use Amber van Ree, even Amber Vanree, in official records after 2011. We’ve even obtained documents showing that Amber Heard also goes by the name Larisa Vanda since 2018. What’s that all about?

The first ever record for Larisa Vanda was made on September 30th, 2018. At first we believed this could simply be the name of her landlord or even just one of her flatmates, but this name is also linked to three of addresses including her home town Austin, Texas.

Why does Amber Heard have a secret alias and why did she create in it 2018? A Google search doesn’t reveal anything about Larisa Vanda despite being directly linked to Amber Heard. Perhaps it is something to investigate?

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