Amber Heard seemingly posted old workout photo for Aquaman 2


Photo of Amber Heard working out at the gym appears to be an old photo taken from a workout session in 2017 for first Aquaman movie.

Another lie from Amber Heard? Aquaman 2 workout photo appear to be old/fake photo from 2017 keen-eyed fans claim after finding uncanny similarities between another gym photo.

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The mainstream media gloated and swooned over Amber Heard’s “hot workout body” after she posted a picture of herself getting in shape for Aquaman 2 at the gym. It actually appears as if she fooled them with an old, previously unreleased, picture of herself working out for the original movie.

“Alexa play ‘Pussy Talk’ by City Girls,” the recently turned 35-year-old actress posted on Twitter with the hashtags #workoutsongs and #aquaman2. Heard was clearly implying that she was working out and getting into shape for the upcoming Aquaman 2 movie. However, the accompanying photo of her planking has many people scratching their heads and questioning its authenticity.

Amber Heard fake Aquaman 2 workout picture.
Amber Heard ‘alleged’ Aquaman 2 workout gym photo. Photo credit Amber Heard via Twitter.

Cartoonist and popular YouTube known That Umbrella Guy noticed something weird about the photo and explained it in a video titled “Amber Heard POSTS PROOF of Aquaman 2 FIRING?! OOPS! She’s BUSTED?!“.

“When you compare the new picture showing of [Amber Heard] working on Aquaman 2 and you compare it to older pictures of her actually working on Aquaman, you will actually notice something, these pictures don’t seem to be taken years apart — oh no — these pictures tout the same hairstyle; a hairstyle that is no longer worn, by the way,” the YouTuber explained.

Amber Heard is sporting blonde hair with pink highlights, a style that today is no longer in fashion. It is also the same hairstyle she had prior to filming the first Aquaman movie in 2017.

Amber Heard also looks a lot younger in the new Aquaman 2 workout photo and in much better shape than even her latest photo shows.

We are with you Amber Heard poster
Amber Heard. Photo credit Amber Heard via Twitter.

Amber Heard posted a photo of herself holding up gifts she reportedly received from Italians fans calling her a ‘real life superhero’ a few days after she claims to have been working out for Aquaman 2. It is supposed to be taken after the workout photo and it shows that she doesn’t have pink highlights in her hair, she’s also a bit chubbier in the face.

This wouldn’t be the first time Heard has posted fake or staged photos on her social media accounts. Amber Heard shared, what appears to be a staged, picture on her Instagram with the following comment: “Standing in solidarity with those intent on changing a terribly flawed and broken system and for those who are demanding justice in support of countless black and brown lives lost to it. I stand with all who are participating in this historic moment.”

Abuser Amber Heard joins Black Lives Matter protest with staged photo
Amber Heard staged BLM protest photo. Photo credit Amber Heard Instagram.

The photo shows Heard emotionally distraught gasping in shock while wearing a face mask that is not covering her nose. Beside her is a man dressed as a police officer who looks an awful lot like her filmmaker friend Trevor William Patten.

What exactly would be the point of posting a fake workout picture for Aquaman 2? Could it have something to do with her role as Mera being in jeopardy because she violated the health and fitness clause in her movie contract?

“Amber Heard did not pass her physical examination. She’s put on some pounds and is in terrible shape. There is a clause in her contract which says she is required to be in good form ahead of filming and she violated that,” our source told us.

Heard reportedly went on to blame Johnny Depp for her physical form, saying that she’s been under tremendous amount of stress from the ongoing legal battle but she insists that she will get back in shape.

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