Aussie feminist Clementine Ford wants more men to die from COVID-19


Clementine Ford, Australian feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker, received backlash for “Coronavirus is not killing men fast enough” Tweet.

Many have lost friends and family members to the deadly new virus that has shutdown entire continents, and an Australian feminist is says that ‘not enough men have died’ in a disgusting Tweet.

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Clemetine Ford fancies herself as a bit of a comedian as well as a feminist, but all of her comments are heavily laced with gender politics which has lead many to believe that she’s dead serious about what she’s saying.

“Honestly, the corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough,” the 39-year old feminist Tweeted on the 23rd of May.

Clemetine Ford "corona isn't killing men fast enough"

Tweet shows Aussie feminist Clementine Ford wants more men to die from COVID-19 in alleged joke.

The Tweet was not well received as many thought, even as a joke, that the Tweet was disgustingly distasteful as some Australian’s have lost loved ones to the pandemic.

Initially Celemtine Ford responded by telling men “too get over it,” and to “check their fragile male egos,” — however — later she caved and deleted the Tweet issuing a soft apology yet doubling down on her hatred for men.

People have pointed out that her baiting is similar to ‘The Men in My Menchies Technique’ meme that shows a step-by-step guide on how to ‘hurt the fragile male ego’.

Angry Ladychild's Men in My Menchies

Aussie feminist Tweet similar to ‘Angry Ladychild’s Men in My Menchies’ meme.

Although she alleged that her Tweet was only a joke, she later reaffirmed her hatred for men in a Tweet where she claimed that most men rape and murder women.

Clemetine Ford’s entire Twitter timeline consists mostly of negative or hateful comments directed at man so many people have an extremely hard time distinguishing her ‘jokes’ from her actual political takes.

What are your thoughts on Clementine Ford’s “”Honestly, the corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough,” joke? Did you think it was funny? Let us know in the comments below.

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