Australia Aquaman set abandoned because of Amber Heard


Expensive Aquaman underwater set at Warner Bros Movie World studios in Australia reportedly abandoned because of of Amber Heard.

The cast and crew for Warner Bros sequel Aquaman 2 was supposed to return to Australia to film on the expensive underwater set, but plans were reportedly changed because of Amber Heard’s Australian VISA uncertainty.

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Although the Australian Government cannot disclose the status of Amber Heard’s VISA status, reliable sources have claimed to have knowledge that the “gold digging” actress has been temporarily banned from entering the country.

Amber Heard dragged her ex-husband and Hollywood veteran actor, Johnny Depp, into some big legal trouble when she decided to smuggle her to Yorkshire terrier dogs in Australia while he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean. Heard was lucky enough to receive a small smack on the wrist and a minor fine after she blamed her assistant on failing to do the paperwork.

However, leaked Instagram messages proved that Amber Heard was made fully aware of our strict laws. The pictures show Ms Heard bragging about lying to the authorities after smuggling in her two dogs. Witnesses, including her former assistant, have come forward claiming that she had been briefed on Australia’s travel laws and she insisted on attempting to bypass them going as far as to threatening the job of her former assistant if she said anything.

After this new evidence was brought to the attention of the Australian Government, more specifically the Department of Agriculture, an immediate hearing relating to the c-list actress’s VISA status was held, and it seems as though Warner Bros have known for quite some time that Heard’s chances of returning to Australia are slim.

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Insider at Warner Bros told POPTOPIC that the studio made plans early on in production to abandon the expensive Australian underwater set used in the original Aquaman film because of Heard’s conflict with the country.

“Amber has some really important friends at Warner Bros. Despite all the negative press, they still want her even if it costs them a lot of money. They had to make backup plans to film elsewhere due to the whole dog smuggling incident,” the source revaled.

Warner Bros have stuck firmly by Heard’s side despite her controversy. It is likely that their decision to support her and kick Johnny is equal parts political and business considering Heard’s connections to Rupert Murdoch’s billion dollar media empire.

As for Heard’s two Yorkshire terrier dogs; they’ve completely disappeared from her life. Nobody even knows if they are still alive.

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