Bill Burr and his black wife attacked after 2021 GRAMMYS feminist joke


Bill Burr made a feminist joke at the the 2021 GRAMMYS and now he and his wife are being culled slurs and receiving threats.

F is For Family actor and controversial stand-up comedian took the stage at the 2021 GRAMMYS to announce the award for the best “Tropical Latin Album”. Bill Burr made a joke that has resulted in him and his wife getting death threats.

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Bill Burr, the 52-year-old American actor and stand-up comedian best known for his roles in F is For Family, Breaking Bad, and the Disney Plus hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian was asked to announce announce an award at the 2021 GRAMMYS.

Before announcing the nominees Bill Burr made a joke about just how perceivably weird that some bald guy with a ginger beard is announcing the winner for the best “Tropical Latin Album”.

Bill Burr The Mandalorian

“Alright. How many feminists are going nuts thinking ‘why is this cis-white male doing all this Latino stuff?” Bill Bur joked right before announcing the nominees.

The joke resulted in massive Twitter outrage for many calling for him to be cancelled. A lot of people even made things personal and attacked his wife of 8 years, Nia Renee Hill.

Twitter outrage Bill Burr

“Bill Burr is the perfect example of why white men deserve to be kept in cages,” one person shared.

“Get off the stage white man!” Another disgruntled viewer tweeted.

“White men deserve nothing,” a K-pop fan added.

Strangely, upon investigating these accounts we discovered that a large majority of them were anonymous accounts created in China to boost Kpop accounts and fan cams.

One of these Chinese K-pop accounts even used a racial slur when mentioning Burr’s black wife Nia Renee Hill.

“Hes [sic] married to a coon???” Ren, a Chinese created K-pop fan account, posted about Burr’s wife Nia Renee Hill.

Others followed up saying that he’s still a racist regardless of being married to a black woman, some going as far as to dehumanising his wife calling Bill Burr a “slave owner.”

Others have taken Burr’s side and claimed that his joke wasn’t supposed to be insensitive to feminist but rather just a humorous observation of how it might appear for some to see him announce the best Latino album.

“Nothing he said was offensive, unless you think the word ‘feminist’ is offensive,” a fan tweeted.

“Bill Burr has made plenty of edgy jokes, this feminist joke was nothing. Anyone remember the time he got called out on news by a reporter said ‘don’t you think your Catholic Church jokes have gone too far’ to which he responded ‘don’t you think the Catholic Church as gone too far?” Another shared.

Although #BillBurr is trending on Twitter neither Bill Burr nor the network has responded to the outrage for his feminist joke.

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