Celebrity Marriages, Babies, Divorces and Relationships in 2021

Find out what celebrity relationships or hot and which ones or not. From flings to lasting things; which celebs are tying the knot and having babies.

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Celebrity relationships are big news, particularly when both halves of the partnership are famous in their own right. The media splashes details of new relationships, marriages and babies across the front pages and the couples themselves are often quick to share juicy details that will get them more column width or airtime. 

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Our fascination with celebrity relationships is showcased in one of the latest online crazes – betting on celebrity divorces. Gamblers now have the option to place wagers on whether their most loved or hated celebrity couples will last the distance as well as visiting an online casino or betting on sports events. 

Some of the biggest stories of 2021 so far have included the official announcement of Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernos getting together, with the This Is Us star sharing news on his public Instagram account. Rapper and television host Jeezy tied the knot with girlfriend Jeannie Mai in March, while Nicolas Cage celebrated his fifth wedding in February to Riko Shibata in a blended Catholic and Shinto ceremony.

Nicholas cage getting married

Celebrity babies are also big news and there have been several born in the first quarter of 2021. Home Alone star Macauley Culkin welcomed Dakota Song Culkin into the world alongside partner Brenda Song, naming the baby for Culkin’s sister who passed away in 2008. Jen Atkin and Mike Rosenthal, celebrity hairstylist and photographer respectively, announced the culmination of their surrogate journey in March with the birth of a son. The actress Sophie Rundell of Peaky Blinders fame also announced the birth of her son over the Easter weekend.

And on to the not so hot part…divorces. One of the most well-publicised and anticipated celebrity divorces of 2021 so far has been that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, referred to collectively in the media as Kimye. The Kimye divorce was the bookies’ favourite for 2021 and the couple did not disappoint, announcing their separation and upcoming divorce in mid-February. Sources suggest the split is amicable and neither party is at present contesting the prenuptial agreement.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian family and kids

Those who prefer longer odds could have had a shot at guessing whether the Trump marriage would last out the year, with some bookmakers offering close to even odds that the couple would not make it to New Year’s Day 2021. While they managed 2020, bets are now underway as to whether the marriage will take the strain of Donald’s humiliation in losing the last election and last out the coming year.

One of the more surprising celebrity divorces to be announced in recent months was that of rapper Dr Dre and wife of 24 years Nicole Young. Their marriage lasted a long time by anyone’s standards and in celebrity-world, it was practically a lifetime. The couple have adult children but no prenuptial agreement, so the jury is still out on what sort of settlement will be reached.

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