Chrissy Teigen topless photo with 2yo son are only disturbing with context


Chrissy Teigen is under fire yet again for a controversial topless Instagram photo she took with her 2-year-old son Miles.

Chrissy Teigen fired back at people outraged at her ‘distasteful’ topless picture where she posed with her 2-year-old son Miles saying, “wait until they here we bathe together.” But it isn’t the picture that is upsetting people, it is her past.

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There’s nothing inherently wrong or gross about the picture of Chrissy Teigen topless with her toddler son. It is natural for mothers to be topless around their children and, in some instances, even pose while breastfeeding.

At first glance there’s absolutely nothing wrong the picture Chrissy Teigen posted on her Instagram, that is until you learn about her very inappropriate tweets about toddlers last year.

When rumours started circulating about Teigen’s close connection to the recently deceased disgraced hedge fund manager and predator Jeffrey Epstein, internet sleuths started digging through her Twitter account and dug up very inappropriate tweets that sexualised toddlers and minors.

After people found her very disturbing tweets she promptly made her account private and deleted approximately 60,000 tweets.

Chrissy Teigen half naked kids

“Seeing little girls doing the splits half naked is just… I wanna put myself in jail,” Teigen tweeted about her favourite show Toddlers in Tiaras.

In another tweet she even calls toddlers ‘sexy’ and said some of them looked like ‘trashy porn stars’.

Chrissy Teigen has never denied making those tweets and continues to post pictures of toddlers in tiaras on her Instagram page. She even appears to host her own

The caption to the topless Instagram picture she took with her 2-year-old son between her legs isn’t exactly helping her cause either. “Please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty,” she wrote.

Thirsty is a slang often used for being horny especially when used in similar context, but then again it could just mean attention seeking.

UPDATE: Chrissy Teigen told 16-year-old CSA victim to kill herself.

Other a-list celebrities and directors have been cancelled for less offensive tweets in the past. In 2018 Guardians of The Galaxy director was fired by Disney/Marvel for making similar jokes. He was later rehired.

Chrissy Teigen has not deleted the post and has doubled down on her comments opting to instead block the people who are calling her out on it.

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