Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings sent her used panties to a 13-year-old boy


Comedian Colleen Ballinger was allegedly exposed for sending used lingerie panties and bra to a 13-year-old fan, Adam Mcintyre, in 2016.

Adam Mcintyre admits he’s been a massive Colleen Ballinger fan for many years. As a 12-year-old kid he created fan pages and was an active member of her community, but now Adam claims she’s gone too far.

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Adam Mcintyre, 17, uploaded a video that, if true, can be very damaging to Colleen’s career. However, her fans are not at all concerned.

Among some of the allegations made in the video is that Colleen Ballinger sent her used panties to a 13-year-old boy right after her divorce from Josh Evans in 2016.

Fans had recorded a previous livestream where Colleen admitted to wanting to send Adam her underwear as a lighthearted joke.

“Oh my God, he’s [Adam Mcyntire] so sassy. I want to send him something. Do you want my bra, Adam? Let me know what you want,” she joked.

“Maybe he wants the panties, although his parents will be like, ‘you’re not allowed to watch whoever sent you panties!'”

The pantie and bra in question seem to be props used by her ‘Miranda Sings’ character and not actually her personal lingerie. During her livestream, Colleen’s friend, Corey, is wearing them over his clothes and the price tags are still visibly attached. But Adam claims there was a little more to this than ‘just a joke’.

Colleen Bassinger panties vlog
Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings sent her used panties to a 13-year-old boy

“This is a video I never thought I’d ever have to make. My intentions behind doing so are that I can disassociate myself from the situation but also not continuously be asked in the future about Colleen and Corey,” Adam said in his video entitled ‘colleen ballinger, stop lying‘.

In the video Adam claims that the two of them got rather close in 2016 and she’d opened up to him about very personal details about her divorce.

“In 2016, after a livestream, me and Colleen started talking on a much more personal level. My parents were concerned because a 30-year-old woman was telling a 13-year-old boy about intimate details of her divorce.”

Adam also says that Colleen Ballinger, in a sense, groomed him with promises of flying him to the U.S.A from Scotland Ireland to see her so that he’d keep working for her pro bono; this would involve frequenting gossip websites to see what was being said about her, and managing her dying Miranda Sings Twitter page.

The 17-year-old Scottish Irish boy than holds up the lingerie that Colleen had promised to send him stating that his mother was ‘absolutely shocked’ that she had sent him it. And when he holds up the lingerie it looks worn and the price tag had been removed.

“Looking back, I’m absolutely disgusted,” Adam reveals. “I was only 13-years-old.”

Adam Mcintyre made the video because of a fallout the two of them had over a Tweet that he posted one her ‘Miranda Sings’ account.

Colleen had been using Adam’s memes for some time before she offered him a job as her social media manager.

“Right now I’m considering you my social media intern, but if things go well we can talk about hiring you part time for an hourly rate. I don’t like using your creativity and insight for free, so, just know I’m not planning on taking advantage of your help and plan on making it more official if it works out that way. How does that sound queen?” Colleen messaged Adam.

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A few days later Colleen granted Adam access to the Miranda Sings Twitter account where he’d continue to post memes and engage with her fans. All posts, Adam alleges, had to be approved by Colleen.

One day Adam posts a joke about Miranda Sings coming out as gay and the 33-year-old Comedian received a lot of backlash from the LGBTQ community. She deleted the Tweet and blamed Adam for it, washing her hands completely off it.

Adam apologised for the Tweet and said it was definitely not his intention to offend anyone. It wasn’t supposed to make fun of the LGBTQ community but rather just play into the character’s naivety. Regardless, Colleen sent Adam countless messages making him feel guilty for the Tweet before blocking him on all social platforms.

Adam says that making this video was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do because he ‘absolutely loved Colleen and would have done anything for her’, but he had to respond because he’s being unfairly targeted and bullied by other fans and is receiving all the blame.

What are your thoughts on the Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda sings sending lingerie to a 13-year-old boy? Did she cross the line? Let us know in the comments below.

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