Debra Messing tweets fake photo of Hitler, Trump “dog whistle for Nazis”

Far-left Hollywood b-list celebrity actress tweeted a doctored photo of Hitler holding the bible, comparing it to a similar photo of Trump and claiming it is a symbol for “white nationalism and Nazis.

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Debra Lynn Messing is mostly known for her role as Grace Alder in the, now cancelled, NBC sitcom Will & Grace. The actress has a lot of time on her hands as she’s not booked a lot of roles as of late and is now an online political activist.

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Debra Messing, 51, is a a proud Feminist and outspoken Anti-Trumper and she spends every waking moment of her seemingly uneventful life Tweeting about the patriarchy, Donald Trump, and white supremacy.

Despite never having faced adversity and being cast in a diverse sit com about a gay man, Debra believes that America is the least regressive country on the entire planet, and it has everything to with the current president Donald J. Trump.

Messing has had many hot takes on the current U.S. administration but unfortunately — for her — a lot of her ideas and opinions are based on outright false or manipulated information. This is the case for her last Tweet.

Debra Messing Tweeted a Photoshopped picture of Adolf Hitler holding the bible in his right along side a picture of Donald Trump doing the same with the comment: “a dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis.”

Despite the Tweet being dangerously misleading and false, not to mention poorly timed, it remains up and Debra has not issues a retraction.

Debra Messing tweets fake photo of Hitler and Trump “dog whistle for Nazis” (original unedited photo).

Twitter, who claim to be non-partisan, have failed to fact check the Tweet or take down based on their new ‘manipulated media policy’ which they used to take down Joe Biden memes earlier this year.

President Trump was fact checked for his Tweet about the mail-in ballots, yet Fox News reports that no leading U.S. Democrat has received the same treatment.

Is the bible a “dog whistle” for white nationalists and Nazis? Should Debra Messing receive a short Twitter ban for posting a fake photo? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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