Depp fans get Amber Heard trending on her birthday for her lies


Amber Heard turned 35-years-old on Thursday, April 22nd, and Johnny Depp supporters used the opportunity to share her many lies with the hashtag #HappyBirthDayAmberHeard.

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Amber Heard may still have a support of the industry but it is abundantly clear that she has lost nearly all respect from the community. Johnny Depp fans, real domestic violence survivors, among many others have united under the “Happy Birthday Amber Heard” hashtag to share some facts about the many lies Amber Heard has been exposed telling.

Mr Adam Waldman, Depp’s associate and attorney, has been working hard to expose the lies told my Amber Heard during the Depp v The Sun libel trial that took place in the UK High Court last year. This means that the 35-year-old actress can be found guilty of lying under oath under the penalty of perjury.

Amber Heard has reportedly failed to oppose Johnny Depp emergency hearing appeal

Sadly, to real domestic abuse survivors, it seems even though there is irrefutable evidence that Amber Heard lied and committed many perjuries in the UK, she — unlike Johnny Depp who has mostly been vindicated — is still receiving overwhelming support from the movie industry.

In response to the lack of action taken against Mr Heard, Depp fans united and hijacked a hashtag on her birthday and got it trending (I use the term ‘hijacked’ lightly considering it was Depp fans that made it trend).

Twitter tried to bury the hashtag after they discovered the trend was not as they described: “Fans wish Amber Heard a happy birthday.”

Johnny Depp is about to take Amber Heard back to court in a USD$50 million defamation case later this year. However, Amber Heard and her legal team have stated that the case should be tossed because of the UK trial ‘wife-beater’ ruling. However, in light of all this new evidence that definitively proves that MS Heard, on several occasions, committed perjury, Johnny Depp has a good chance of a victory in the upcoming suit.

Mr Waldman has argued that UK Court ruling of the libel case hinged on some of the testimonies given by Ms Heard and her friends that have now been proven to be verifiably false.

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