Hollywood celebrities are starting to regret voting for Biden/Harris

Celebrities and Blue Checkmarks are starting to learn that maybe Joe Biden wasn’t the best presidential candidate and maybe they should have voted for Tulsi Gabbard.

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Today marks the one month mark of when Joe Biden was officially sworn into office and he’s already broken more promises than the president before him. Hollywood celebrities and Blue Checkmarks are starting to regret their vote and they are voicing it on Twitter. Maybe they should have voted for Tulsi Gabbard?

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Some would believe that Joe Biden is the most popular president in American history, at least if you look at the numbers. The 78-year-old former Vice-President reportedly had the largest voting turn out in the history of any president before him with 81 million votes, trumping Barrack Obama’s historic vote by 12 million people.

Despite “calling a lid” on 90% of his campaign and having a terrible turn out to his events and rallies, Joe Biden went on to break records. The voter turn out for Biden in the US was higher than it is here in Australia where it is legally mandatory to vote. While some believe something fishy happened with the counting, others think it might because of the many celebrity endorsements he received from Hollywood… and strangely, and questionably, from abroad.

Voters Assemble
Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson all use “Marvel Avengers” to endorse Biden/Harris.

Biden received so many celebrity endorsement from musicians and actors that, until now, had very little knowledge of politics. However, most of these Biden endorsements gave no valid reason to vote for him, his campaign message was essentially just “don’t vote for Trump.”

Now these celebrities are sorely disappointed with their vote. As it appears, Biden is no better than Donald J Trump. In the past month alone he’s done so many bad things that now his voters are panicking.

39 executive orders in one month.

Biden called Trump a dictator for signing an executive order, but he has signed more than 3 dozen within the first month of his presidency.

The Biden administration has also restricted access to the White House and has asked the press to submit their questions in advance to even be considered.

Joe Biden takes authoritarian approach to his presidency.

The Biden administration also revealed its true colours when it backed billionaires, hedge funds and investment companies during the GameStop Short Squeeze.

Biden is also getting involved with foreign conflicts and is starting new wars, something that Trump did not do during his four year term and was even considered for a Nobel Peace Prize for.

Houthi Militia use children as human shields.

NOTE: The above picture shows the Houthi Militia using school children as human shields in conflict. Biden has revoked their terrorist designation because the UN advised it.

Joe Biden and his administration have shown their full support for a Yemeni terrorist group known as the Houthi Militia who have been hand mass executions and genocide in the region.

Killed and kidnapped kids but not terrorists, says Biden.

Khabara Agency described in almost identical terms, invoking the words “war crimes” and “genocide” in its reporting of the atrocities carried out by Houthi militias against the villages of al Haima, claiming locals were being punished for refusing to pay the Houthis “double taxes.”

Another local news organisation – Al Hadath Yemen – reported the killings and Houthi occupation of Yemeni land as “colonisation,” alleging the group is “pursuing families who have fled” and “killing and kidnapping children.”

Today the Biden administration revoked the terrorist designations of Yemen’s Houthi movement from as they now considered them a ‘freedom fighter’ group. Many of the celebrities who voted for Biden are shocked that a man who was marketed as the people’s candidate would do something like this.

Susan Sarandon Joe Biden
Susan Sarandon regrets Biden vote.

Hollywood veteran Susan Sarandon was shocked to discover that Biden had broken yet another promise and is already playing war games in foreign countries. “Damn,” she tweeted in response to Walker Bragman, independent journalists, tweet about Biden’s decision to revoke the group’s terrorist designation.

Maybe Hollywood celebrities are learning that they let a sure thing go when they allowed the Democratic National Committee to silence and censor Tulsi Gabbard during a pivotal moment of her 2020 presidential campaign.

Tulsi Gabbard is an American politician and United States Army Reserve officer who served as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district from 2013 to 2021. Elected in 2012, she was the first Hindu member of Congress and also the first Samoan-American voting member of Congress.

Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard was the best democratic presidential candidate.

She was the most searched democratic candidate after her amazing performance in the 2020 Democratic Debate. But then, shortly after being called a “Russian asset” by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Google decided to suspend her Adwords account on the most crucial day of her campaign without so much as a reason or explaination.

Last week Tulsi Gabbard appeared on Louder With Crowder and discussed big tech censorship and her own experience with her YouTube account being shadowbanned in the United States.

Perhaps these Hollywood celebrities would have been a whole lot happier if they endorsed Tulsi and helped her become the 46th president of the USA. She would have been the first female president.

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