Is Tom Hanks Dead? Crazy new theory suggests he died from illness


People think that the images of Tom Hanks returning to the U.S. are, in fact, fake and that the actor might have died in Australia. Just how crazy is this theory?

Tommy G, self declared conspiracy ‘realist’ and president of Elite Fantasy, has a podcast where they discuss interesting conspiracy theories. One of the latest theories has actually kicked up a bit of controversy as it has forced celebrities to go online and attempt to debunk them.

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The conspiracy theory when a woman named Sarah Ruth Ashcraft accused Tom Hanks, and a few of his Hollywood friends, of being a sexual predator. She alleged paid her father money to have sex with her when she was 13.

Her allegations intrigued many internet sleuths and many ‘online investigations’ took place to see if there was any truth to what Sarah claimed. Although there was no evidence of her claims, sleuths did discover strange, and creepy, coincidences surrounded Sarah. First and foremost, Sarah was in fact a real person. All the places she claimed to have lived and been all checked out. And she did have connections to Hollywood.

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft Tom Hanks tweet

When Sarah was asked, “aren’t you scared they will sue you?” She responded, “No. You can’t sue somebody for telling the truth.”

Sarah now has close to 90,000 followers on Twitter and has said some pretty damaging things about some key Hollywood players and yet has never been sued.

Tom Hanks returns after Australia
AA Aus

Is Tom Hanks Dead? Conspiracy theory claims this is not Tom Hanks.

Fast forward a couple of years and the BIG actor is in the spotlight again, but this time it’s because of the coronavirus, and the old conspiracy is dug up by Tommy G on his No Mercy podcast.

It started with his son Chet Hanks who had a big All-Seeing Eye tattoo on his chest, posting a message letting people know that his father had the coronavirus. He then posted a sarcastic follow up video saying that his father is in the Illuminati and that they eat babies.

To some, that was all the proof they needed to be convinced that the Hanks family was involved in some shady stuff.

People started scouring through Tom Hanks Instagram post and noticed really strange posts. The “missing shoe” of a little girl post, and the Corona typewriter, and the fact that it appeared that Tom Hanks was not in Australia at all but rather a military base. People alleged that some of his photos were even doctored.

Fast forward a week or two and Tom Hanks is again in the news after having made a full recover from the coronavirus. The paparazzi snapped pictures of the actor arriving in his private plane… but some people aren’t buying it.

But the thing that has most people’s mind blown is the comparison pictures of Tom Hanks’ ears.

People are convinced, those are not the same ears. However, it is proven that sizes do tend to change shape — especially the cartridge — when people age but the two pictures were not taken too far apart making it highly unlikely for his ears to go through such a dramatic change.

Some believe that the man seen in the photos is actually Tom Hanks’ brother, Jim Hanks, who both sounds and looks a lot like him. He’s even done some stand-in work for Tom on several occassions.

Jim Hanks looks like his brother

Is Tom Hanks dead or arrested? His brother Jim Hanks looks a lot like him.

The conspiracy theory community is debating whether Tom Hanks was arrested in Australia for human trafficking charges or whether he died of the coronavirus. Who knows, maybe he was abducted by aliens.

Whatever the case, all of these conspiracy theories will be put to rest the second Tom Hanks posts a video of himself with his wife Rita Wilson on social media. Until then, conspiracy theorists gonna theorise about conspiracies.

What do you think about this conspiracy theory? Was Tom Hanks arrested? Is Tom Hanks dead? Was he abducted by aliens, or is he just kicking back and enjoying some time off work after filming Baz Luhrmamn’s Evlis here in Australia? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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