Jake Paul could face jail time for criminal trespassing and looting


Controversial YouTuber and former Vine star Jake Paul has been exposed breaking and entering into private property during the BLM riots in Arizona.

The death of black American Minnesotan George Floyd has led to international protest and violent rioting. Some internet celebrities have decided to use the opportunity to catch some ‘sick footage’ regardless of the law.

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A video surfaced of the 23-year-old controversial YouTube content creator with his crew in the heart of the Arizona riots filming ‘epic content’ for his YouTube channel.

Jake received backlash for his actions online; exploiting a national crisis for clout and cash.

A leaked video exposes Jake Paul walking through a closed Arizona shopping mall and entering businesses that had been previously broken into and were currently being looted.

According to a Arizona based law firm the video clearly exposes the social influencer breaking two federal laws; criminal trespassing and breaking and entering.

Video: Jake Paul exposed committing two felonies in looted Arizona mall.

If Jake Paul is convicted of breaking and entering he could be facing a 12 year jail term — however — this depends on the severity of the conviction and whether or not this his is first felony charge. However, new evidence might prove that Jake Paul did engage in looting which would increase his jail time.

Jake has since made an attempt to address the controversy by stating his intentions were merely to document the looting and not engage in any criminal activity.

Jake Paul looting apology

Jake Paul response to being caught trespassing in looted Arizona shopping mall.

The Arirzona based attorney confirmed that his apology does not legally justify his actions and that Jake clearly committed 2 felonies.

Although there is no video footage of Jake Paul actually looking, additional Instagram photos shows Jake Paul holding a bottle of vodka that he allegedly looted from the Arizona mall.

Breaking: New footage shows Jake Paul carrying stolen bottle of Vodka from looted mall.

The footage has been handed over to the authorities and, we can confirm, that the situation is currently being investigated by the police department.

Do you think Jake Paul should be charged for criminal trespassing, breaking and entering, and potentially looting? The new video evidence might, in fact, be enough to convict the YouTuber. Let us know in the comments below.

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